Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cannabis Revealed

Dr. Bonni is Sophie's doctor, my cannabis mentor, my advisor and my friend. Her long-awaited book, Cannabis Revealed was recently published and is available for purchase on Amazon as well as CreateSpace.The book is expensive, but it's essential reading, and I encourage any of you who have an interest in cannabis as medicine or who are using cannabis as medicine to add it to your library. First of all, this is a serious book that is thoroughly researched. It is as much directed toward professionals as it is toward laypersons, but the writing is clear and informative.

Given the number of emails I receive a week from strangers looking for more information or for advice on where to start, I am just thrilled to now be able to recommend Dr. Bonni's book. Cannabis Revealed provides a clear history of the plant, an in-depth discussion of the endocannabinoid system, the safety profile of cannabis and medical risks of cannabis and then an exhaustive and thorough discussion of how to use cannabis medicine, including dosing. The book also discusses how cannabis can be used to treat specific medical symptoms and diseases, providing interesting stories of real patients that Dr. Bonni treats, including our Sophie! You will be informed and inspired by this book -- the next best thing to actually having Dr. Bonni as your doctor.


  1. I wish I could convince my mother to try cannabis for her PD. Alas, she is very ill informed and paranoid about it.



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