Saturday, October 6, 2018

Dandelion Wishes

So, yeah. Now we have not one but TWO misogynists sitting on the Supreme Court and ONE misogynistic sexual predator directing the whole shebang along with 51 sycophants in the Senate, minus one woman from Alaska.

How very charming for us, no?

I've got family members who support Trump and Kavanaugh. We can barely talk at all now, and I don't know what to do about this. I welcome all tips.

You should read this:

Somewhere on the wide spectrum between adolescent teasing and the smiling white men in the lynching photographs are the Trump supporters whose community is built by rejoicing in the anguish of those they see as unlike them, who have found in their shared cruelty an answer to the loneliness and atomization of modern life.

Still angry, moving on.

Sophie is currently getting her second round of IVIG infusions. She had two hellacious weeks after the first (probably unrelated) and has been perking up in the last week. I haven't given an update because I'm generally so stressed out about her and me and all the usual crap that I just don't want to exacerbate it by -- well -- sharing it. It's too much, Reader. Way, way too much.

I'm not going to be teaching the senior citizens any more because the company that hired me thought I'd be willing to drive all over southern California to do so. When I say drive all over, I mean ALL OVER. Like there might be mornings where I'd be driving three hours for a one hour class. On top of all of that is Sophie and her erratic schedule and life. Her care IS my job. Sigh. I will miss that crabby woman, though, and the soft-spoken woman who worked in the cotton fields of Texas. I need work. Freelance work. Suggestions welcome.

Saint Mirtha cut Sophie's hair really short, and she looks a bit like a dandelion. I close my eyes and make a wish and blow.


  1. All I can say right now is my heart to your heart. I entwine you.

  2. Taking a small break to gather some strength. Sophie looks beautiful with her dandelion hair. Hope better work prospects arrive soon. Much love.

  3. My Trump supporting relatives (just a few of them) and I have a rule: no talking politics. If the rule is broken, I leave. Or, usually, lash out and then leave.

    Sorry to hear that Sophie's been having a harder time of it, and you as well. It's a bitch of a situation, yet you continue to do what is best for her and work your ass off doing it. You're doing a GREAT job, mama.

    Yeah, driving all over just ain't gonna cut it. Is there a place nearby that you can approach and contain your work to that one place? Would that be ideal?

    Hang in there. Hugs to you, Sophie, and Oliver.

  4. There is a lot of untapped anger in women. I wonder if men know about this? I wonder if that's why they're so afraid of us?

    I don't even live in the same country as tRump but it wears me down this constant vitriol that he spews everywhere. I wonder why he's so fucking angry? He was born into a wealthy family, nobody ever said no to him. He has all that he wanted and still it's not enough. WTF dude! Quit ruining your country and go and see a counselor to deal with your issues!

  5. This portrait of Sophie carries the true power that can carry us through whatever happens.

  6. I've come to the conclusion that when you're in the dumps and your life's crap you look for diversions to remedy that malaise. That's, I guess, what Brexiteers and Trump supporters have in common. Either because of ignorance or frustration, they become angry and pick on those they deem weak and inferior. This, then, becomes a mindset, comfortable enough not to raise any doubts. Because hate hates nothing more than nuance questions. Trump could use the American flag to wipe his bottom and his supporters would still find a target to justify his behaviour. It was not so long ago that he praised Putin and then blamed the resulting furore on "fake news".

    I have no tips. Sorry.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Your conclusion makes perfect sense in what seems so senseless, I am in agreement with that assessment. Seems that every supporter I've experienced has malaise and anger directed almost anywhere and desperately seeking the most convenient scapegoat.

  7. I understand what it is to have situations that are just The Situation, and that while there are small fluctuations, for better or worse, all we can do is take fleeting comfort from small Good Moments and try to hold the fears of the future at bay.

  8. Maybe now that you know you enjoy teaching creative writing to seniors you can approach a local senior residence with a proposal?

  9. Your posts always go to the heart. For the seniors, I would agree with the previous comment - why not do it yourself? I'm sorry I haven't replied to you on Instagram, but will email some of my current workshop plans if you wanted to go ahead.

  10. Whaf a beautiful dandelion she is. I like her short curls.

    No wisdom af all on the relatives. I wonder in the years and months leading up to the holocaust if families had this problem? One of the nice things about living in Canada is a huge majority hates Trump. Maybe you can move. If you do make it near me.

  11. We have Friends, thankfully no Relatives that I'm aware of, that are Supporters of the New Regime and I try not to let it hinder the relationships, even tho' I simply can't fathom the attraction to such Political leanings. It can be surprising who supports what I find to be absolutely repulsive. It just shows you, we don't always have a full reveal of what lies within the Heart of Human Beings until you are able to observe something shocking that they can so easily align with!



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