Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Show About Humanity with Two Guys In Charge

Have ya'll been listening to Jason Lehmbeck's and my podcast? I sure hope you are, but if you're not, you should start today because two of the finest young men on the planet had a discussion with us about what it's like being a sibling and growing up in a family with a child who is medically complex or who has special needs. Confession: it's getting more and more difficult for me to figure out how to write a descriptor -- how to describe my daughter in language that is clear and factual and that doesn't further stigmatize her or others like her. Special needs, medically complex, disabled, differently abled, people first, etc. etc. ad nauseum in these -- what should I can them? -- fraught times.

Anyway, my son Henry and his roommate Toby spoke on Who Lives Like This?! about their lives growing up in families with one or more children with disabilities. They also talked about their feelings, their friendship, their futures and their hopes. They shared their wisdom and experience. I think they will open your minds and break open your hearts.

Here's the link to the show. Please do us a favor and share it far and wide. We hope to continue to build a community, and this show is not just for those affected by disability or medical issues or caregiving. Dare I say it's a show about humanity?

Who Lives Like This?!


  1. I listened to that podcast yesterday and now I'm in love with those boys. Men.
    And Elizabeth, you should be so very proud of how you've raised Henry, and Toby's parents should be proud of themselves too.
    Fine, fine young men and I feel better, knowing that the world will soon be in the hands of people like these two.

  2. Oh Elizabeth. I just listened to this podcast and am so inspired by Henry and Toby. When they talked about looking to the future and their responsibility to continue the care I found tears on my face. What an amazing job you and Toby’s parents have done with your boys, now fine strong funny compassionate and thoughtful young men. Loving young men. Thank you and Jason for this. And I do think Henry would be an amazing paramedic. He would also educate his peers.

  3. Just WOW! That Podcast was so inspiring and I'm so impressed with Henry and Toby's candor, humor and compassion discussing a deeply personal topic of life as a sibling in their Family's environments. It made me smile and tear up, it was so very relatable. Having a younger Brother with complex medical needs and then raising special needs children, and special needs grandchildren, I've realized it is different at each season of life, how one deals with the complex nature of that 'normal' within the family unit. These fine young men expressed it all so beautifully, I really feel this will be helpful and I hope everyone listens to it and shares it. Thank you all for covering so many aspects of 'living like this', every family's journey is unique, so it's very educational to hear so many stories from other families.

  4. What fine young men, I am massively impressed by their insights and attitude and compassion.

  5. The podcast moved me to healing tears and gratitude for such down-to-earth, thoughtful, and insightful young men. I hope Henry follows what is leading him to the possibility of being a paramedic. I especially appreciated seeing the sibling photos on the podcast link. Thanks to all involved!



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