Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas Eve

Oliver got a tattoo.

It's Sophie's birthdate in Roman numerals. As he said, "Now we each have a tattoo for Sophie."

I have a mermaid, Henry has a bit of Sophie's brainwaves from an EEG and now Oliver has her birthday.

Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. Oliver’s tattoo is incredible and in a very tender spot he is a bad ass and so are you. Big Love.

  2. Rebecca's right- you are all bad ass in that house.
    Love and light and peace. That's what I wish you all. Enjoy those boys.

  3. I love this. Merry Christmas to you all. You've done such a good job with these kids. xoxo

  4. You all carry Sophie with you and it is very touching to see. I hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas, Elizabeth. Best wishes for the New Year.



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