Friday, June 12, 2020

Dear Leader

Dear Leader,

We are writing you as two of your most devoted followers, filled with excitement at the prospect of seeing and hearing you in person soon at your first rally in months. We have missed your rallies and the freedom they gave us to passionately express our admiration for you and what you've given to this great country. We understand that we will have to sign a waiver that we will not blame you or sue you if we should contract The Covid at the rally, being so close to all your other acolytes. We understand the risks we will all take, but it'll be worth it. We are so privileged to be able to sign this waiver and show our loyalty to you, to God and to the country in His and your hands, and we just want you to know that drowning in our own fluids or becoming permanently disabled as a result would be an honor. We do have a question, though, pertaining to any members of our community who will not be attending the rally. Would they be able to sue us if we carry the virus back? Would they be able to sue you? Please ask Your Great Attorney General Barr to tell us what to do regarding this. We are at your disposal.

See you soon and God Bless America and You!

Tanner and Karen Jones


  1. I'm surprised they're even bothering with a waiver. I mean- how can a conspiracy make you sick?

  2. Of course, KAREN! Karen is every trumpster, hope she also signs a DNR and agrees to a mass grave.

  3. My boss is named Karen, and being a progressive never-Trumper, she mightily resents this whole "Karen" phenomenon! LOL

    I wonder how legally binding that ridiculous waiver will be? It's probably just an exercise in intimidation. Trump can't survive unless he's intimidating someone, even his own followers.

  4. chilling. this rally is the definition on insanity. I don't give a fig about the attendees, but I do worry, very much, about all the infection they will be taking home with them.

  5. The Carriers of Doom would likely write something this ridiculous for real... but it did make me Smile and of coarse it would be a Karen... is Tanner the Male equivalent?

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