Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Planet Eyeball


[medical photo of an eyeball on a computer, green and orange with a fringe of eyelash]

My retinal specialist/surgeon took a picture of my healing eyeball yesterday when I went in for my two-week check-up. Those are my eyelashes and up to the left is where the retina tore and has been lasered.  I imagined writing something all deep and insightful about the eye, how I'm looking at me looking or the eye is not like a planet but, rather, planet, the planet, a globe of blood vessels, the macula, the retina, the optic nerve. No ableism here. Even if you can't see, you can see. 

Take a look.

Before I got my eye put out -- (336)
Emily Dickinson

Before I got my eye put out –
I liked as well to see
As other creatures, that have eyes –
And know no other way –

But were it told to me, Today,
That I might have the Sky
For mine, I tell you that my Heart
Would split, for size of me –

The Meadows – mine –
The Mountains – mine –
All Forests – Stintless stars –
As much of noon, as I could take –
Between my finite eyes –

The Motions of the Dipping Birds –
The Morning’s Amber Road –
For mine – to look at when I liked,
The news would strike me dead –

So safer – guess – with just my soul
Opon the window pane
Where other creatures put their eyes –
Incautious – of the Sun –

[medical photo of an eyeball on a computer, green and orange with a fringe of eyelash]


  1. Astonishing! Your beautiful vulnerable healing eye. Emily's poem.

  2. Stunning image. All will be well.

  3. Yes, a planet. I buy that. Our bodies being the feasible microcosms of the universe. Our lungs branching out exchanging gases like the branches of trees breathing for the planet. Our nerve axons and dendrites reaching out from their nucleus like a splat the same way the glistening tentacles of galaxies stretch out from their dense centers into the abyss of dark matter and space.

    My mom's retina tore too. All good now. She's really active and hasn't had any problems since.

    Bumming rides is a drag. Hope you can drive with confidence soon.

    Bestest. Love you.

  4. Happy to hear your eye is healing. The poem is a good match for this post.



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