Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shooting on Roller Skates

Shooting on roller skates

Sophie is humming incessantly in her room and I dread going in there to get her up and changed and breakfasted and then onward to five hours of intravenous immunoglobulin infusions. Oliver is hacking in the living room and has just informed me that he's not going to lie down all day because he did yesterday and it made him dizzy. He told me this after insisting that I look down his throat and tell him why every time he swallows he feels something, there's something there and it's stuck there why? Henry, god bless him, is still sleeping and the sky is very blue today, the birds are actually singing and The Husband has already gone to The Mistress. I'm going to do what I have to do, skate along the edge, ready to fire and not jump in.


  1. I do not like the size of that woman's waist in that photo.

  2. shooting on roller skates- what a great metaphor. good morning E.

  3. "creepy but good"!

    love you and those children.

  4. Careful of the throaty thing,as you know,we have had that Strepy thing in these parts... going around like wildfire I hear.

    I always sucked on skates, so I try to stay away from them all together.But darn it anyway, if someone doesn't keep strapping them on me ... so I'll just skate along with you this morning from afar.

  5. It is so hard to get going, especially to a clinic, in the morning. I remember hating to disturb what peace we had in our room at Ronald McDonald House, to take Katie to clinic for labs 2x a week, in between chemo sessions. It was as if we had lead in our veins.

    I pray that you receive the strength and motivation you need, and that the infusion continues to help Sophie. I pray that your family has a good day, and that healing energy continues to drive the flu away. xoxo

  6. Claire -- Oh, dear, I've only now looked at it.

    Maggie May -- Good morning to you!

    Lilith -- I most certainly will and I thank you.

    Rebecca -- Glad you thought so

    Zoey's mom -- He's better now and just very, very dramatic.

    Karen -- We are blessed to have home visits for IVIG so it's just a matter of sitting around home. I'm thankful for that --

  7. you can fly helicopters and skate and take aim, too? your talents are abundant.

    sending love.

  8. Definitely sounds like a day for roller skates...

    P.S. You really should read The Secret Garden to Sophie (in your spare time, of course), she would love it. Do you have a copy with Tasha Tudor's illustrations?

  9. Quite a few people walking around do have strep pneumo without any symptoms what-so-ever (because a couple hundred is not a pathogenic situation) But if the naturals do not better fulfill that niche and the pneumo gains a foot hold of several million individuals (most common place strep achieves this is in the throat)

    if that happens, I would take a course of antibiotics, if it were me.

    the problem is, the antibiotics are often prescribed without any tests when several definitive and accurate methodology is readily available. Rapid tests, DNA probes, and my personal favorite:The Gram Stain

    so please Elizabeth, keep the safety button engaged, and do not flick it until you have decided you are actually going to fire.

    if that doesn't make any sense, there is a quaffee shop round a squared corner, right down the street (or was it up the avenue) I always get those weather patterned maternally confusing

  10. Great picture, great metaphor.
    You may want to get Oliver checked for strep. Yeah, one more thing. Please don't shoot me.

  11. Oh. I see that my comment was completely unoriginal. Okay. Sorry.

  12. O.K., you got me at "humming incessantly".

    In one of my former lives I worked as a peds audiologist with multi-handicapped hearing-impaired kids. I haven't forgot the humming.

    What happens if you gently take Sophie's fingers and place them on her throat so she feels the vibration of the humming on her fingers. Does she react at all? Does that stop the humming, even momentarily? (I'm thinking her humming is not so much an auditory feedback behavior as it is vibrotactile self-stim.)

    Do not try this technique while on roller skates.

  13. let's not overwhelm her by throwing that at her. First let's make sure the safety switch is still on.

  14. Thank you all. I don't think Oliver has strep. I've looked at this throat, and it looks fine. He's got the same virus that Sophie and Henry had -- in fact, he has no fever today, the third day and his throat is feeling better after a chocolate croissant from The Husband's store.

  15. Why didn't you give Oliver chocolate to begin with? It solves many problems. Which leads me to that woman's waist!! Since only Scarlet O'Hara had a 17-inch waist, I'm assuming this photo has been Photoshopped! And, can you please tell me how you did it? I may end up posting a photo of myself.


  16. Earplugs. And you might want to check into the injection vs infusion form of IVIG treatment, seems to be working for people I've heard about, once the dosage is adjusted.

  17. You are amazing...all I can say is...Keep up the good work and the great writing too. I loved it.

  18. I wonder if Sophie would like iTunes on her iPad with earbuds in her ears? That might be a completely lame idea from someone who hasn't got a clue what vibrotactile self stim is .... But it sorta sounds like she needs something going on in her head where electricity used to be firing off like lightning strikes.

    I always wanted to be a vintage cowgirl .... But this one must be a poser in a corset :) ..... Unlike you of course

    And fire, water, ice earth .... You have a way with words, but I hate that phrase cuz that sounds like spin. You ARE words. And they are good ones. Really good ones.

    Oh, and the sore throat/ dizzy drama :) .... That is so good :)

  19. That photo! Ha!

    And for you and your beautiful kids, hugs to all of you. xo

  20. oooh i love this... (over here from deb's, so glad i came...)

  21. I bet you can hit a bulls-eye on roller skates. I'd put money on it.

  22. I hope the IVIG infusion went well and that the sickness leaves your house soon!

  23. Damn, you're good. You really are.

  24. Suddenly, my waist feels too thick, and my throat a little sore. :)
    I hope the infusions went well.

  25. Sending love for a good day... I'm swallowing razor blades myself this morning and I don't get sick thank you very much.

    I love the window ledge/seat cushion fabric btw.



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