Friday, March 23, 2012


Boys! What is going on? What are you doing? I yelled out the window, yesterday, like a fishwife. The ruckus was incredibly loud.

Henry said that he was making a stick pointy with a sander:

Oliver, dressed like a SWAT officer was jumping on the trampoline with his friends:

I love boys. They're just so simple, really.

What's going on at your house?


  1. It's quiet at my house right now. The dog is sleeping and I'm catching up on the world through my computer.
    I do love to reflect on when our boys were at home. That time brough laughter and spats, joys and concerns, doors slamming and superheroes in the making. I wish they were here.


  2. Last night I painted Benjamin's fingernails & toenails red, at his request. He said, "Now my friend will think my fingers are dripping blood!"

  3. Unexplained bitterness. That's what's going on at my house today.
    Hey- did you read that article in the March 19 NYer called Scars?
    Gawd. Being the mother of boys is just so scary.

  4. I love boys too. So much more straightforward than the mass of contradiction that is girl. I may not say this by Sunday though - off to Rocket Camp this afternoon. Send me white light.

  5. Love this post. So simple. I love being the mother of a boy. (But I'm not ready for him to dig in to my collection of power tools yet.)

  6. My boy? To the dentist for his every three month hour long we'll be exhausted in bed the rest of the day....

  7. Dealing with insurance companies and believe it I thought of you, Elizabeth I did and I can't imagine what it must be like on your end.

    Other than that I'm trapped in my house. My son i.e. My Helper Monkey has fled to his job and I'm becoming a Super Reader.


  8. At work I was the goal post for some sort of game the little ones were playing. They had to run up to me, hug me, then run back. Can't beat that.

  9. My girls have been breaking rocks in the backyard with dad's hammer. And wrestling. . . perhaps even naked wrestling. Good clean fun.

  10. I love boys, too...but during the last year of high school, I confess that our boy was a bit of a mystery to me. It has been so great to see him grow in these first two years of college. He's a gift.
    My house is quiet right now. Gregg is on his way home from a work-function and I am going to take a soak in the tub...happy weekend to you!

  11. Both my kids are having sleepovers at friends houses. I am getting ready to go to work. I am not used to this type of quiet!

    Whyyyyyyyyyyy is Henry making a pointy stick? Nothing good can come from this.

  12. LOL -- I had the same question as Birdie. A pointy stick sounds like a potential problem!

    I've been reading my childhood journals, as I wrote recently in my own blog, and it's been amusing to see what kept me occupied then. I filled pages and pages with updates on my beer can collection. Honestly!

  13. Sadly, and I do not mean to pee in the cornflakes, but there is fracture and divisiveness in my house among my two boys. Carter resents almost everything about Bennett, and frankly wishes he were gone. Bennett tries to interact with him and Carter just won't, so Bennett now reacts with aggression, attention seeking behavior and now Carter reacts even more negatively., It is a vortex from which there seems to be no escape, so now I keep them separated.

    Some family.

  14. Shooting baskets at my house. We had a rare sunny day today and we all celebrated by playing a rousing game of H-O-R-S-E. All girls, unless you count the dog who was the great spoiler, under everyone's feet.

  15. LOL... these are all things that would NEVER happen at my house... a house full of GIRLS :)

  16. Boys, girls, dogs, husbands. All a mystery . I'm the sane one right? :)

    I am thrilled to hear you are getting away Elizabeth. The post shows on FB but not here for some reason btw . At least the last time I tried to click on it.



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