Monday, November 5, 2012

Good Lord!

Yosemite, 2009

Good Lord! is my go-to expression, and I've been thinking and uttering it a lot these days. Good Lord! I thought when I peered over Sophie's door this morning and saw her in the throes of yet another seizure. Good Lord! I thought at the idea of exercise this morning -- well -- maybe Good Lord without the exclamation point. Good Lord! I thought when I saw the number of emails in my inbox this morning about the election tomorrow. I watched a bit of's video and wondered if it'd make a speck of difference. Good Lord! I thought, when I saw that there are still undecided voters. Who are these people? Good Lord! I thought when I saw the envelope with Henry and Oliver's lunch money for the month on the floor of their room where they had been throwing it back and forth, arguing over who would drop it off in the school office. When I read part of Walt Whitman's preface to Leaves of Grass on my friend Christy's blog this morning, I thought Good Lord! That's prescient! I also read a bunch of Rilke quotes sprinkled everywhere like sugar not salt on the wound and thought Good Lord -- another Rilke quote!

Be modest now, like a thing

ripened until it is real,
so that he who began it all
can feel you when he reaches for you.

from The Book of Hours, II, 1 by Rainer Maria Rilke

I'm voting tomorrow for Barack Obama for President of the United States of America, because I think he's the better man, the more resolute leader, the more intelligent and the more representative of this vast country, and because I'm voting against the forces that would turn us all into employees of a corporation that holds material wealth and the bottom line as its center. And Good Lord! I'm not voting because the good lord told me to do so.


  1. Would it be realistic for your family to move to Canada to get better health care for Sophie, esp if the election goes "the other way"?

  2. I've always loved the expression "Good Lord!" There's just something about the way it feels in the mouth and the ear.
    Good Lord- let Obama win! And that's as close to a prayer from me you'll most likely ever hear.

  3. Love your last well said!

  4. sometimes im reminded of how much you rock!! :)

  5. "Good Lord!" is a very useful expression. Dave always makes fun of me when I say it; he says I sound like Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory."

  6. I had to laugh at "Good lord, Rilke!", having come across him myself yesterday morning. (Are we sharing poetic consciousness?) It sounds like a great tumblr blog. Good lord, Rilke! My go to expression is "oh my god". Luckily, the god I believe in just smiles and shrugs.



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