Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Final Bit on Ann Coulter

Vintage Americana Poster: Progress

Oh, God, no, you're saying. 

Please, no more. Let it rest! 

Well, you know me. I'm never one to let it rest. A friend of mine, who writes regularly of her remarkable nonagenarian, progressive mother sent me an email saying, You're going to love this with a link to an article titled Who is Most Pissed Off After This Election?

You know what? I do love it, and I know that many of you will, too. Here's a sample, and then click HERE for the whole glorious shebang.

After lambasting Barack Obama for four years as a Socialist, Nazi, Muslim, terrorist Kenyan; calling him "retarded," "lazy" and "stupid;" using racist innuendos to surreptitiously demean him, and making defeating him the Number One priority for four years, the Republican Party still couldn't defeat Barack Obama. After all this, after all they've been doing for four years to enrage the American public... the American public wasn't enraged. In fact, for all that, the mere fact that Barack Obama actually got re-elected President of the United States is one of the more remarkable victories and testaments of support (and renunciation of conservative agendas) as we've seen in America.


  1. Glorious is definitely the word for it!

  2. Oh yes oh yes oh yes, the angels are singing with this post! I have reposted it on my FB account. Of course it's preaching to the proverbial choir and all but satisfying and such a relief that the country veered away from social and political disaster toward the light! Thanks for pointing me to this article.

  3. All of that hate and fear-mongering the Anns and Glenns and Rushes have been doing has done nothing, it would seem, but leave them with froth all over their faces and...oh yeah, a lot of damn money.
    Oh well.
    They better hurry up and put it in tax shelters while they can!
    Here's a link a friend sent to me. Short article. Kinda fun.

  4. GOP apparently also completely missed the changing demographic of these United States. They were appealing to a base that is losing ground in terms of numbers. That they did so poorly with Latinos and women shows how out of touch they are. This country is changing, and if the GOP stays with the Tea Party and trying to control women's bodies, they're going to keep losing. Fine by me.

  5. I don't know, does anybody really get sick of reviling Ann Coulter? I get sick of her, certainly, but we can heap negative energy her direction til she explodes, as far as i'm concerned. I'm normally a pacifist, but i'd pass my fist through her face if she started running her yap around me. Of course i'd throw in some bops for every person with special needs i could think of, and a jab for every synonym for 'retard' i could muster. Yeah, i'm not even pro-violence but i would box the snot out of that bitch.

  6. Thank you for sharing! I loved this.

  7. I am just so pleased to know that, at least for now, elections can't be bought in the US. For all the problems with our country, at least we have this...

  8. FIST PUMP in the AIR! Oooooh yeah, baby.

  9. in a related story: look at this great art!
    --Liz the PT :)



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