Thursday, June 20, 2013

Are you my mother?

via NY Times

This appeals to me, as do the other getaways featured in the article Twigitecture: Building Human Nests.

See more nests here.


  1. What a beauty! Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  2. This is soooo cool! I've been to Post Ranch but long before they had the 3 nests there.

    My URL has changed! Hope you follow me here:

  3. I can totally envision climbing up in there with a thermos of coffee and a stack of books. I may not come out for days. Screw the treehouse - this is a much better getaway!

  4. I often think of how our chimpanzee cousins make themselves a new nest every night to sleep in. I sometimes feel as if my house is a nest and I love that I can feel the trees around me.
    I love your new header. It is gorgeous, like you.

  5. I remember reading that book to my boys : )

  6. That is one heck of a treehouse!

  7. Back when life was easy and I was a carefree hippie, there were two plum trees in the yard in San Francisco that were partially covered by something we called mattress vine. You could walk right up it and climb into a sort of nest at the top, between the trees. In the spring I used to lie on my back there, surrounded by delicate plumb blossoms that smelled divine, and watch bright green escaped parakeets crossing bright blue sky.



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