Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I've seen

Last night, I went out to eat with The Poet at a strange and wild restaurant that I couldn't begin to do justice with words. Think stuffed animals -- not the toy kind -- antique zoological prints, a mantelpiece, strange and careful collections. Think Sigmund Freud's boudoir, as the Poet said. Think the aching and fussy decadence of Vienna with the mirth of Fellini. Two young men played music, one a trumpet and the other a guitar and then a saw. Yes, a saw. It sounded like a woman moaning and not in a good way. Who knew that scraping a bow through the tines of a blade could disturb the air? There were crows (stuffed) here and there. I do hate crows but laughed at one above my head. We shared a plate of meze -- tapenade and humuus on salty crisps. I had clams and chorizo in a spicy broth, sipped a glass of white wine and laughed.

It would seem that the zany atmosphere even changed what I looked like.


  1. OK, I have to offer some advice. Ask The Poet about Emily Carr. She is the woman I would meet if I could meet anyone in herstory. If you can get your hands on any of her books you will love them. (My favourite is The Book of Small.) Emily Carr was also an artist when women weren't "allowed" to be artists. She was a rebel in her time. Never married and defied all the expectations expected of her. She was a loner and a bit of a grumpy woman but I adored who she was and what she has left for a legacy.

    1. Birdie! I'm right down the street from her house! I will pay her a visit tomorrow and give her your regards.

  2. I have been to her house only once but I visit her grave every time I go to Victoria. Incidentally, Ross Bay Cemetery is amazing and worth a visit.

    And yes! Give her my regards. I love the woman.

  3. LOL -- you DO look a bit crazed in that photo. The crow looks a bit like an emu! In New York, there's a woman who plays the saw in the Times Square subway station -- she's actually really good!

    WV: "Moanage"

  4. both photos are rather disturbing....

    I don't know of Emily Carr, but of course now I will look into her work. Thank you!

  5. My husband and I are always amazed when we go to Cozumel because after two days when we look in the mirror, we see younger people looking back than the ones we were when we arrived.
    I see a younger you. I see a face wide-open and amused. And honey- I'll arm wrestle you for those eyebrows.

  6. Elizabeth, there is definitely a glow about you.... this place sounds like I want to live there,musicians included.

  7. That restaurant! Creepy! I can only imagine what it's like to eat there in the dead of winter when the wind is blowing and it's grey outside - especially with the saw-music.

    You look radiant. So glad you're enjoying yourself.



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