Friday, June 7, 2013

Dear You





Blown Away.

My Socks Knocked Off.


Filled Up.



(that would be me, and much like the photo above, taken nearly thirty years ago with some of the beautiful women who orchestrated the whole beautiful project, I can't do anything but say thank you, my hands to my face with a big, giant grin)

Thank you, Chez Werndorf, Neuro-Chick Kid Doc, Carrie, Brittany, Gay, Gina, Jill, Liv, elizabeth, Beth, Buck, Mitzi Ann, Janet, Bob, Emma, Owen, Missy Slick, Bluegal, Susan, Carol, Gail, Sheila, John, Susan, Moye, Doug, Claire, Teddy, Margaret, Anderson, Anna, William, Lucas, The Freemans, The Sullivans, the Banksons, Vic, Mary Grady, Helenie, The Mermaid Union, The Martins, Jennie, George, Will, Allen, Jack, Mary Campbell, Peter, Henry, George, Ella, Sloat, Ginna, Carson, Clara, Grace, Roy, Carlton, Monster Max, Heather, Logan, Diana, Len, Annabelle, John, Jane, Phil, Fish, Johanna, Daisy, Dash, Carolyn, Hartley, Grace, Anne, Dave, Sarah, Anne-Hope, Laura, Charlotte, Dean, Jessica, Hazel, Grace, Nora, Willa, Julia, Billy, Emily, Grant, Sarah, Antoine, Mattieu, Blanche, Alix, Melissa, Mark, Linda, Rod, Ethan, Parker, Peter, Shannon, Suzanne, Kevin, Allyson, Frank, Elizabeth, FOS (friends of Sophie), Chamberlins and a gazillion Anonymous people.

Thank you.


  1. Y'all have a good time flying around!

  2. oh, bravo to your friends and supporters! That bike looks fantastic! Life can be good, can't it?

  3. What a darling picture that is of you. Sounds like it doesn't take long for
    the bike to ship---you'll have to post a video of you and Sophie tooling down the sidewalk.



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