Saturday, June 15, 2013

What he said to me before the Championship Game** with a game update

Peace out, home sizzle

**I know ya'll are dying to know how the game turns out, so I'll be back later today. It starts at 1:00 PM, Pacific Time, so cross your fingers, do the Sign of the Cross and kiss the sky, ask the Good Lord, Buddha, Yahweh, Mohammed or The Universe to let The Big O have a good game, including a couple of hits and some decent plays as second baseman.

Dang. The little team that lost nearly every game this season and then turned it around to play in the finals, lost today 6-4 in the last inning. They played a heck of a game. The Big O dove to catch a ball in the outfield and missed it, but his fall was spectacular, and the drama only increased when he lay on the ground for a couple of minutes, his fellow players and coaches crouched beside him. Henry walked toward me and very nonchalantly said, I wonder if he broke his neck? Reader, he did not.


  1. Wow...Good for him for trying!

  2. Praise to all the saints that he is fine.

  3. LOL @ Henry. That is such a big brother thing to say. And I love Oliver's quote! Too bad the game didn't go in their favor, but hey, it's only a game, right?

  4. Still a season to remember I'd say, huh? The team that lost so much making it to the Championship game is awesome. Henry's comment is perfect. THAT is why siblings rock.

  5. Heartbreaker! But heck of a showing anyway!

  6. Love his comment. Sorry they didn't win, but it sounds like it was a nail-biter for more reasons than one...



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