Monday, September 8, 2014

Good Fortune

I love a good fortune -- you know, something about the future and not one of those wise sayings like you are full of integrity and joy, a pleasure to behold. I got the above one in my fortune cookie last night, so I'm waiting here for any day. I sure hope the thirteen separate notices of action that I got yesterday from Medi-Cal, denying all the components of Sophie's wheelchair (and each notice of action was accompanied by a State Hearing Request Form in a separate envelope and each envelope had a $.44 stamp on it, which means there were 26 sheets of paper, thirteen envelopes and $5.72 of postage) won't become my "good news," when we finally get that wheelchair (and we will get it in this lifetime, I imagine). I'd prefer a book deal, a windfall or instant fitness.

It actually rained here a bit this morning as I was driving home in the wee hours from Henry's school. The drops were plops, really -- the fall more pathetic than robust, but, hell, it's a start! Good fortune for the earth in southern California.

Good fortune to you today, too!


  1. It is plopping drops here as well. Not very robust at all but a pleasant sound.
    May good fortune be yours and show up ASAP.
    I'll be staying tuned to hear about it.

  2. I recently gave up my usual prayer for "a more peaceful life" in favor of "May I be kind and RETAIN MY SENSE OF HUMOR through this crazylife" since, apparently, at least with the kids I have, that whole peaceful thing's not so likely. That said, LOVE how you retained your sense of humor here, Moon. It will happen!

  3. Do you ever wonder why you don't break out into mad fits of uncontrollable laughter at the absurdity of the bureaucracy you witness? Isn't it a wonder that you are not crazy in the streets, just from the waste of paper alone. Lord have mercy.

    Wishing you more rain and less bullshit. xo

  4. Fuck that 5.72 worth of postage. Idiots.

  5. OK so the saying around here goes that after reading your fortune from a fortune cookie you are supposed to add the words "in bed" at the end of it. So perhaps this IS good news, no?



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