Tuesday, September 23, 2014

About the City on Monday and Tuesday

Sophie playing with a hairbrush while waiting for the doctor.

Oliver just being Oliver.

A blooming bottle brush tree bloom:

A homeless guy camped out in front of a church door:


  1. I had to look up a bottle brush tree. I grew up with a Mimosa tree that had flowers similar to that, but the leaves didn't look the same.

  2. In Florida we call those plants puffballs. A bottle brush is slightly different. But that could be a Florida thing!

    The homeless guy looks like he's wrapped in a flag -- but I couldn't say whose.

  3. I love being able to see into some of the windows of your world.

  4. I suspect that that 'homeless guy' was kicked out of every other entryway. The church, while not really caring for the poor, is doing its minimum by letting him sleep there.
    Here in Vancouver, Canada, we have the poorest area in Canada (also the richest a few miles away). The poorest area is riddled with mentally ill folks who are also drug addicts because many psych wards closed years ago, leaving people nowhere to go. Anyway, a group that advocates for the poor did a thing where they posted pictures of some of these folks when they were children. Humanizing them type thing. I'm as likely as the next person to walk over this man on the way to church, but it always feels de-humanizing to me to call people 'a homeless guy." Not trying to start debate, just something I'm thinking of in regard to myself.
    - Karen

  5. Karen -- Thank you for your thoughtful comment. When I typed out "homeless guy," I admit to wincing at what might appear flippant, but I do call men in general guys, so I meant no disrespect. Los Angeles has a terrible homeless problem -- perhaps the worst in the United States. The reasons are complex, but they include many of the same ones that Vancouver has as well. There is not a single block in our neighborhood, and I live in the middle of Los Angeles, where homeless people don't congregate, and my children are very much aware of it and the problems.



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