Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Poetry of the Bureaucracy

Good News

We got the ccs denial
We'll go back to mcal with the denial
So we can get approval
Because mcal deferred the original request
We have only 30 days to respond
To that deferral.
It's past 30 days
We need to submit a whole new request
to mcal
Half-way there
Have a good day.

-- Elizabeth Aquino
via an email from Anna of Bohemia

I went on a walk this morning and listened to poetry the entire way, looked up into the sky and saw those trees you see above and blue. When I got home I opened an email from the people who are managing the wheelchair issue that I've alluded to in previous posts. The woman who wrote it, Anna, has been very helpful, and her last name reminds me of something Bohemian. What she wrote was as illuminating as any poetry which means light through cracks and all that.


  1. I'm happy for your good news but didn't understand a word of that!!


  2. That was good news? Oh dear.
    But you're right. It's a poem. A poem of reality in the desert of bureaucracy.

  3. Oh God. I don't know why you didn't go to a bar instead of going for a walk. You astound me. Sending love and light to you and mcal.

  4. Was that really how the email read? And you understood it? And halfway there is good news? If all else fails I promise you we can crowd fund this chair.

  5. I like found art, including found poems, which can sometimes put
    bureaucracy-speak (and also bad translations and obfuscating instructions) to very good use.

  6. What we would do without walk and poetry I don't know.

  7. Well, that doesn't sound like good news, exactly. But maybe it could have been worse?



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