Monday, September 15, 2014

The Green Standard by William Rosenfeld and Jacob Strunk

Help make it happen
for THE GREEN STANDARD and the team!

Not only will we take viewers inside the world of legal marijuana farming and sale, but we will also take an unflinching look at how years of criminalization continue to shape our society – from the patient and provider to the policeman and prisoner. 

You don't need me to tell you that the world has seemingly gone mad of late, or madder than usual. I slink around my life looking in corners but not around the bend. I've been waiting for fortune cookie messages to materialize, for a ship to come in or at least pull into port for a spell. I'm waiting on something to inspire me, something to which I can give of myself. My cup runneth over. There are threads on Facebook, on the private closed cannabis groups that spew venom and politics. It doesn't make me crazy, but it makes me tired. I'm a tad tired. Bill Rosenfeld contacted me the other day, though, with energy in his voice. He and a colleague are making a small film, a documentary that might be a big film. Our connections were weird. A friend in the movie industry, a person in Pennsylvania, someone else who reads my blog -- The world is small. I told him that I'd help him to spread the word. So, here's the word. I hope you'll contribute to his campaign in some small way. If you can, do it big. I think what I meant to say is that the world is mad but it's also quite quiet, plodding along in goodness, too.

Here's the link to the campaign and to read more about The Green Standard.


  1. What a great film this is going to be! Hell yes!
    Glad I watched the whole trailer...ended with the Stones. Of course.
    Yep. I'm going to make a donation.

  2. This is fantastic! The last line of your post says everything.

  3. interesting. i hope the medical side of it gets covered as well.

  4. That will absolutely be a big focus in the feature documentary, Francesca. The short that inspired us just happened to be about Jordan and the Silverpeak Apothecary. Thank you all for your support! Thank you Elizabeth!!!



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