Saturday, April 25, 2015

Children Are Dying - A Guest Post by Mark Storck*

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Children are dying. I cannot put it any more succinctly than that. Their suffering goes on endlessly. The racking pain from repeated, uncontrollable seizures, the destruction of grey matter from an electrical cyclone in the head, is robbing them of any sort of ‘normal’ future.

As a parent of a child with a debilitating seizure disorder, I can attest to this fact, first hand. It is useless to my child, and millions of others afflicted with seizure disorder, to argue whether it is anecdotal or not…IT IS A FACT…one that very well may, one day, permanently take my child from my arms. It is also a fact, full-spectrum cannabis therapy not only subdues and eliminates some seizures entirely, but also helps to repair the damage caused by repeated seizures. When all other pharmacological efforts have been exhausted, and the side effects of those drugs are literally killing your child before your very eyes, please don’t tell me we can’t use a known, working remedy. I ask you to listen to these “real life” facts, based on thousands of parents now using this amazing and natural medicine and assist us in taking the necessary steps to save my child’s life.

Quoting negative ‘anecdotal’ stories and political propaganda, which have been passed down since the 1930’s, will not give my child relief. I’m not looking to get myself, or my child, high. I am looking to give my child medicine. Every day, I live with the very real fear that this particular seizure could be the one that takes my child’s life. Do you realize the emotional havoc that wreaks on a family? Do you care?

It is an appalling travesty of epic proportions, you require us to publically plead with you for the opportunity and inalienable RIGHT, to save our child’s life. We have been socially castigated, arrested, beaten and humiliated, merely for the sake of a plant that has been used for thousands of years to relieve human suffering. Of which, not one person has EVER died from an overdose. The facts are crystal clear: this is NOT a dangerous drug, it is a plant-based, holistic remedy used for untold millennia, bringing the human condition healing and relief. The influence and power of “Big Pharma” would rather we not have access to this natural healing agent, without their control. This should not be about long-term profits and boardroom tactics. This is a quality of life issue.

What I WILL tell you is: I won’t stop. Neither will the other parents who are now successfully treating their child’s disorder. This movement is gaining steam and whether you want to admit it or not, it IS saving lives!

Thank you.

© Mark D. Storck 2015

* As a rule, I don't post guest posts, but when I read Mark's impassioned words on Facebook, I thought they needed wider coverage. I hope you'll share them.


  1. I will, yes, I care, I will.

  2. What a terrible shame, that some grant and study not immediately be in place to study the attributes of cannabis, and the best uses of it. Is such work in process, progress right not? Unfortunately, the results will take a long time to be useful and those who can use it NOW, have to go without guidelines. I have written to no fewer than 100 politicians and others who can affect the laws against medicinal marijuana for more access to be given for those who might benefit from it medically. That can open a lot of doors immediately. I do not expect the doctors and others in the medical profession to jump quickly in terms of guessing does and uses when those door open, however. Too much risk for them. Please give us key names to lobby for easier access; I'll certainly write.

    1. Thanks for your advocacy, Catherine! Visit and find lots of info about a current bill working it's way through --

  3. Will link to this in my next post. It makes me so grateful for my own country's enlightened attitude towards medicinal cannabis. (Did you notice that Mark Storck incorrectly referred to cannabis as a homeopathic remedy?)

    1. Thanks, Sound of the Silent, for catching that. He meant "holistic," so I corrected it!

    2. Thanks, Sound of the Silent, for catching that. He meant "holistic," so I corrected it!



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