Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Oliver has learned Morse Code, downloaded an app to "do it" and walks around the house communicating with us. The only trouble is that each dot and each dash on the iPad makes the most godawful, annoying sound you can imagine. This afternoon, when Sophie came home from school, he insisted on showing it to her, and I gladly obliged. Yes, I said, go in her room and sit with her and demonstrate. I myself retreated to my own room, closed the door and drew sustenance from the McMansion drill sounds coming from out my back door.

Dot Dot Dot
Dash Dash Dash
Dot Dot Dot.


  1. Hahahahaha. Omg. Sending you a mental martini.

  2. The noise is awful. You shouldn't need to tap out sos. It should just be understood from the screeching that someone is in trouble. Been there. Literally

  3. Oh, that could be sooo annoying. But on the other hand, my gawd that kid is amazing !
    Soon it will be dark, they will all be q u i e t. Fingers crossed.

    God but it was hard to dance during the 80's. I did my best.

  5. Is it the same as the old morse code sounds? My grandpa was a HAM radio operator and I enjoyed the sounds of him clicking away... boop boooop boop boop boop booop

  6. I feel your pain. Wil has downloaded a bleep app, designed to replicate the obnoxious bleep from all his favorite bad TV. He can make any number of god-awful noises on it, and does. Constantly.



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