Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thinking About

Today is the day that ended with me getting my boys back, and I'm glad about that. I puttered around today, cleaning up, organizing my crap, reading some magazine articles, researching Chechen food for the salon on Friday and mulling over the fate of the universe, albeit the universe of my own tiny little mother mind.This would include my observations about the first episode of Wolf Hall on Masterpiece Theater (no, I did not read the book, but so far so good) or rather the period that is depicted (16th century King Henry the 8th/Catholic Church/Church of England and all those shenanigans) and how really ridiculous most men look in history when they're striving for power and territory and keeping down the women-folk and the poor. I'm in, though, particularly as the actor who plays Cromwell bears a striking resemblance, even in that sixteenth century get-up, to Dr. Paul Weston, the shrink from In Treatment with whom I carried on an affair, at least in my tiny little mother mind.

I also had an interesting conversation with a mother who is very active in the movement to defeat the proposed bill here in California that would make every single vaccination mandatory for every single child in the state unless they have a medical exemption or else they will not be allowed to go to public school. I definitely do not support this bill for various reasons, some of which are kind of, sort of, connected to even the patriarchal values that were demonstrated even farther back than old Henry the 8th and his ignorance that it was his mighty sperm that lacked the necessary Y to give him an heir. Basically, that is the fact that I'm not going to let the government or the medical world force me to do anything to my children that I believe will hurt them. That led to me thinking about my instincts (which work quite beautifully, most of the time, with my tiny little mother mind) and how they tell me that, really, we're on the edge here in 2015, with the dregs of allopathic medicine. Apparently, the libertarian Rand Paul, whom I loathe because I just don't gel with the libertarian aesthetic (or lack of one) or the cult of individualism that it espouses, is probably the best bet to keep out government over-reach (we can throw in medical marijuana, too, here), but it's just the way the guy frames it all that makes me sick, and that's because he sort of denies women's issues in an incredibly patronizing way.


Where was I?

Where are you?

We just had one of those very big jolts of an earthquake which evidently registered 3.5 on the old Richter scale and which I'm realizing is probably the reason why Sophie has had a terrible day with lots of seizures, jitteriness, clamminess and otherwise uncharacteristic behavior. I'm certain she senses these things or feels quite exquisitely the subtle changes of the planet. You see? I've brought things right round to the universe and my tiny little mother mind's mulling over its fate.


  1. The universe was pretty much contained in that post. So many things. I don't know how you think about it all with your tiny little mother mind.

  2. I'm glad the boys are back. I haven't seen "Wolf Hall," though I've heard good things about it. We're back on "The Good Wife."

    As Denise said, you really ranged far and wide in that post. You remind me of Tony Kushner, who often starts with one small idea and winds up talking about the meaning of life.

  3. You do realize you have the title for your book, right? "Tiny Little Mother Mind". Which of course, is as huge and far-reaching as this entire universe.

  4. So glad the boys are home safely. As for vaccine laws and Rand Paul and all of that, I am in my weary stage. I am feeling good that Washington state's proposed vaccine law was withdrawn, but increasingly sad that in Oregon,while theirs was pulled back initially, the lawmaker who introduced it has now added a rider that would essentially decrease the age of medical consent to 11. Her reasoning is that, if they do this, they can give the HPV vaccine to girls at school without ever involving their parents at all in the discussion. I wonder if she realizes that this would apply to every medical procedure for every kid in the state and that it would open a can of worms that she isn't probably prepared to face. (She is a trained physician, although I suspect mostly trained to accept pharmaceutical lobbying dollars rather than treat pediatric patients). And now I've wandered off into the land of no return and am sick to my stomach. Oh well. I'll step away from the computer and go do something else.

  5. Affirmation that it is all connected, how we move almost effortlessly from one thought to another. It does not surprise me that Sophie is especially sensitive to shiftings within the cosmos. I'm glad we have you on universe watch. xo



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