Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tiny Little Mind Worry

I know ya'll think I'm a bit of a know-it-all bossypants, and I'll concede to a bit of that, but honestly, isn't there a higher tech way to close a jet door than the hand of a middle-aged female flight attendant?

I used my tiny little mother mind (and I'm thinking about trademarking that phrase) to send stern warnings to the pilots of the plane about the precious cargo onboard.  I could see them sipping Starbucks coffee as they pushed their controls and waited for the flight attendant to finish locking the door, so between my tiny little mother mind and my large, glaring eyes, I am certain they got the message.

The boys are off to the east coast to stay with my parents. I ambled back through the airport and into my sexy white Mazda already missing them. It's quiet here, and I've got a lot to do, but some of it will have to wait until they've safely arrived in Atlanta, and I hear their voices. Tiny little mother minds can handle only so much at once.


  1. Your boys and my girls and I are crossing paths in the sky! We are at ATL now waiting for our plane to DEN. Safe travels to your boys. Enjoy the quiet.

  2. Tiny, little compared to what? The universe?

  3. Google flightaware and you can track the flight to Atlanta. From one tiny little mother mind to another. Gail

  4. By now your boys will have landed and you will have resumed breathing. Oh, do I ever know this story. My son rides to work on his bike every day through crazy New York traffic. I hold my breath till he gets back home.

  5. "Don't tell her that, she won't understand it" said the hygienist to the dentist at my daughter's last dental appointment. I was the "her" of course. My tiny little mother mind screamed.

    Why? Why didn't I call her on it?

    I hope you get all those things done that you have planned while the boys are gone. And I am sorry that you and Sophie aren't going with them to visit family.

  6. Actually, I bet that hand is a lot more trustworthy than many high-tech methods would be!

    Enjoy your quiet time!

  7. Hoping the boys have arrived safely and they are embarking on another grand adventure with your parents. As for the rest, I can't blame you one bit for harnessing the power of your mother mind to think about how things could be done better when it comes to your children. Oh, the power of the mother mind for solving problems - I should do a research study on how many things mothers have invented! And you are most certainly NOT a know-it-all bossy pants.

  8. OMG, I do not think you are a know-it-all bossypants! You are so funny. You did make me laugh out loud though. :-)



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