Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Can't Resist

I loved this quote from Mary Beth Crain at Soma Review, a wonderful webzine about spirituality and culture.

"It’s only in this vapid, vacuous excuse for a country that a brilliant, thoughtful man with degrees from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, who rejected lucrative career opportunities to devote himself to the poor, could be given a run for his money by a second-rate populist reactionary who, when questioned about her college-hopping days at Hawaii Pacific University, North Idaho College and Matanuska-Sisitna College in Alaska, glibly replied, “See, I did a lot of courses—no biggie, but it’s not the only mushing going on.”

And while I don't want to turn my blog, which is supposed to be about poetry and raising a child with a disbility, into a political forum, the times actually call for it. I had the great privilege of going to see Obama on Tuesday night here in Los Angeles, and while the benefit was a scene as only scenes are in Los Angeles (senior men impeccably dressed with their much younger wives, television celebrities, Magic Johnson, Barbra Streisand singing "Happy People" or whatever the hell that song is and slipping in Obama's name, Bentleys pulling up to the hotel driven by lavender shirted men with pink scarves wrapped around their necks and countless women of indeterminate age, their lips puffed and breasts like torpedoes, etc.), I heeded Obama's call to go out and argue for him and his platform, to not speak incessantly of the trivialities of That Woman and to be proud to argue and fight for what I believe. So after a week or so of silence on that end (especially because I had offended a couple of conservative friends), I'm back. Sharp-tongued and loose-lipped, serious and sarcastic. And hoping and hoping and hoping.


  1. If Oprah can do it so can you. That's what I tell myself when I get heat from friends and family of the red persuasion.

    This is important stuff.

  2. I too find it amazing that McCain-Palin (or Palin-McCain as that "second-rate populist reactionary" would say) have as much support as the polls seem to indicate. Although, given the control of the media that the republicans have, I'm not so sure I should believe the polls.

  3. "hoping and hoping and hoping"... me too. alot of us are. love your descriptions of the LA social hour.



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