Monday, September 8, 2008


All week I've been stewing about Sarah Palin and her comments about special needs families. I've stewed and boiled and roasted despite all attempts to calm myself down. I hadn't felt this angry since, well, fights with my younger sister when we were teenagers. I posted some sarcastic remarks on Facebook and offended a friend, but I still felt angry. I commiserated with like-minded angry souls and cracked up laughing trying to concoct various scenarios where the Governor and her First Dude would be unveiled as kinky sex lovers (have you taken a look at that Bear Rug/Throw on Palin's couch?).

I lie in bed at night, ruminating on Jonathan Swift -- how we appear to be living in a parallel Gulliver's Travels.

I thought about writing an op-ed piece for the Los Angeles Times newspaper. A good friend who is incredibly knowledgeable about government could help me to tone it down, put some facts in.

But then I read "Politics of the Broken." And it's all written, beautifully. Read it. Let me know what you think. You already know what I think.


  1. Yes, definitely, especially the part about Palin picking up her sword. Happy belated birthday and thanks for the beautiful poem. As for the medical mj, maybe your neurologist could hook you up? :)

  2. I was so moved and impressed with his writing about Palin. But, I think something will bubble up from you someday when you're ready and I look forward to it.

    I like that you're angry. That is an appropriate response. So act like this is normal is completely insane.

    Meanwhile. I just read this post from a parent of a Downs Syndrome child that is very insightful too.

  3. I missed your sarcastic remarks on Facebook--damn, how did that happen? Thanks for posting the link to Monsters with Rubber Swords--it was a really good post. I still feel turned upside down and inside out by the politics of the last few weeks. I want some kind of feminist revolution I certainly won't get. I want real people and we get Muppets and Swiftean hand puppets. And pigs. And lipstick. Isn't Palin herself the lipstick on John McCain's pig?



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