Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today was Purple Day and you can read about it HERE.

The boys talked about it this morning, and the conversation went like this:

Me: Hey guys, today is Purple Day, when you're supposed to wear something purple and increase awareness of epilepsy.

Oliver: I don't have anything purple to wear but how did that girl do all of this when she has seizures?

I realize that I have some educating to do right here at home.

It seemed that everywhere I went in Los Angeles, I saw purple. Not on people, but on flowers, in nature. And it was beautiful.

Things are looking up.


  1. Those are beautiful photos. I will follow the link now. Thank you for helping to educate us! (Purple & blue are my favorite colors.)

  2. I just read about her--she's adorable, and so brave and smart. What an enlightened young girl. She is doing great things for the community, helping those with epilepsy to feel less alone, and helping those who need information to learn more.

  3. Oh, I see now why your children are beautiful. Because you are too.

    love Renee xoxoxo



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