Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Basketball Agita and a Punch to the Gut

So ya'll know that I am the world's least able athlete, have an antipathy toward football that rivals one toward Drumpf and am otherwise bored out of my mind by sports with two exceptions: when my sons play anything, I'm into it and I am a Tar Heel basketball lover of the nth degree.

So, yeah. Last night. I have a friend who can't watch the Heels play anymore because he's afraid he'll have a heart attack. I felt some serious agita last night, lying on my bed with Henry sprawled next to me and the laptop open to the final NCAA championship game. Oliver is on the east coast with my parents, but when Marcus Paige shot that 3-pointer to tie the game, I called him and before I could scream in exultation, The Big O screamed back at me that VILLANOVA WON, MOM! VILLANOVA WON! And Henry and I looked back down on the little screen which evidently was a second or two behind the regular broadcast and watched Villanova make that final shot and wow. Just wow. Or should I say holy shit. And then I just expired, as did Henry.


On another note, I was up most of the night with Sophie. We're going through another weird period, and I'm just barely keeping it together. So many of you help me to keep it together, and I am continually reminded of the grace that lives in this world. I'm frustrated and pained at what's going on -- not just in my literal world but in the world at large. Being able to channel that frustration and anguish into writing keeps me quite literally alive, and my post over at marijuana.com today was like a reverse sucker punch.  Please visit it, give it some love and share it if you feel like it. Here's the link:

The Literal Beating Heart


  1. I am grateful for your beating heart.

  2. Wonderful photo of Sophie, LO VE. You must have shot that. Your photography is not mentioned much, but you really are so good at catching on "film" the emotion of whatever you are sharing.
    Limits come and go and that was beautifully expressed. You face them gracefully, even if you don't think you do.

  3. Somehow i did see that final shot and thought of you. I get sucked into following a sports team also. Those beautiful boys, now if they could just put it in the goddamn net for fuckssakes, and how about a some defense, good grief, i'm tellin you.

  4. For some reason I thought you were on the east coast too. My memory is clearly failing me. In any event, I can't really get into basketball of any sort, but I hope things even out with Sophie.

  5. The Literal Beating Heart was both moving and informative. It expressed perfectly my own sentiments about my daughter, C., her epilepsy and cannabis.

  6. My husband was rooting for Villanova my parents going for the Tar Heels it was a wild night . Just think of all the people all across the country glued to their TV sets risking heart attacks and strokes .

    I feel badly that you're going through a rough patch with Sophie and her cannabis routine . Why must it to be so ? Why such a roller coaster ? On the flipside your writing about it inspires and informs me and I'm glad that helps you stay sane .



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