Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Are you thinking jesus! When's this woman going to express her gratitude for the deep blue sea and the great blue whales? Here it is, my gratitude for the deep blue sea, for the coast of California and the planet's largest mammals that swim in the waters.

I saw five blue whales a week or so ago, not one or two or even three but five. Their bodies are sleek and shone in the sun. Vast.

Here it is. My gratitude for dolphins, for the thousands of them raced us, my efforts to not anthropomorphize so difficult because surely they smile and play and love?

Here it is. My gratitude for the island fox

for a dusty hot day

for a rocky beach where I lay with a book on a blanket, a stone under my head and in the small of my back

for a painted cave that smelled of damp and green. Lichen, the word

For white flowers that grew out of rock

for red crabs busy in clear water

for pelicans overhead

for this man for us


  1. I know that they eat, pray and love. Sorry, couldn't resist{


  2. For all of this and for you, I am grateful.
    And for that man who takes pictures who make my world fuller and my friend so much happier.

  3. A beautiful day. I'm so glad you have an 'us' to be in.

    I don't think there's an need to anthropomorphize dolphins. They already have all their own emotional life and character, including the violence that comes with having big brains, as well as the cleverness and love. We don't need to paint any human processes pver their own, I don't think.

  4. Gorgeous post. So glad for all this beauty in the world, and for your happiness.

  5. I wish I had words to say how happy I am that you had this day and have that man. You look so happy and content. Shine on, Elizabeth.

  6. i am grateful for the man who said to you let's explore this blue ocean world together. stunning pics.

  7. I've been to those places. Happy you've been there too.

  8. Elizabeth, thanks for sharing all these magical moments (especially the blue whales!). I am so happy to see your life full of the love and wonder that you deserve.

  9. So much talent in one family! I just love all the photos - and now this video of Oliver's - that you treat us all to.

  10. And for that man who takes pictures who make my world fuller and my friend so much happier.




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