Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Going to the Fair with the Fair People I Call Mine

We went to the Orange County Fair last week, ate a lot of fried foods, rode some rides, played some games, won a fish and walked about one hundred thousand steps.

And guess what?

The Bird Photographer took an Honorable Mention in Nature Photography for his exquisite photo of cedar waxwings sharing food. Honestly, it should have taken first place (and there were a lot of astounding and beautiful photos there), and I am -- as you know -- a fierce and discriminating critic. Plus, I'm not biased at all.

You can see more of Carl's photos here:

Website: www.cbjphoto.com
Facebook: carljacksonphotographer
Instagram: @cbjfoto


  1. That Bird Photographer guy sure is talented. And obviously patient. And skilled.
    Oh, and cute.
    So are all of you fair-goers. Don't you think that Lurid-Beautiful should be a thing? Because that's what the fair is.

  2. What a gorgeous photo of the cedar wax wing pair. So intimate. The photographer is very nice also. I agree with Mary on the Lurid-Beautiful thing. The beautiful sunset skies and moon juxtaposed on the honky-tonk of the midway. I can almost smell the corndogs, the early harbinger of autumn.


  3. I don't even know how those photos are possible!! I am stunned by ALL of them in the most stunningly stunned way. He is magic man for sure

    1. Thanks Linda Sue! All the photos (except the prize-winning one) were taken with my iPhone!

  4. Beautiful photos Elizabeth!!! And that Carl...blows my tiny mind. So talented. XXOO

  5. That photograph definitely should have won first place; it's perfect is every regard. And the people in this post, gorgeous every one.

  6. This post is much helpful for us.thank you..

  7. ALSO, I am in the mood for a corndog and some grease perfume!



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