Monday, March 5, 2018

Gig Economy Update

Everyone Needs Cake™ for March Selections
photo by Carl Jackson

The gig economy is going ok. I'm making cakes every month -- this month's selection is a Funfetti Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and White Chocolate Ganache Glaze and a Pistachio Rosewater Cake from Ottolenghi's new pastry/sweets book. I have orders for both of them throughout the month but can always take more! Everyone Needs Cake.™ I'm also working on a very cool project with a very cool tech entrepreneur that you will hear about soon, so stay tuned. I have some nice writing assignments via The Los Angeles Times but am looking for anything I can get to supplement them. Do you need a ghost writer? Do you need a writer for anything? Check out my website and pass it along to pertinent people.

As you know, Sophie is an Uber driver and working toward getting off the backs of our hard-working Republican lawmakers who are working on balancing this great Disunited States of Amerikkka's budget on her back. Between the Uber driving and her part time job as a sex worker,* she'll be in the black soon, I'm certain, and recognized for her contributions to the great Capitalist Economy.

Today, I paid my health insurance bill before my mortgage because -- you know -- I'd sooner be homeless than without health insurance.  That's not a complaint.

In other news, I thought I'd misplaced the four worn sheets of passwords that I keep, so I spent about two hours on the computer changing the passwords to all the important accounts, and then I found the password sheet in the dash of my car where I'd stashed it on my way to Palm Springs this weekend. Does anyone out there in the interwebs know of a better way to organize, store and keep safe from Russian bots the bazillions of passwords to one's accounts?

I hope ya'll are having a nice day. I miss all of you.

*See my post a few days back for an explanation to this, admittedly, inappropriate and very dark-humored comment.


  1. I like little catch-up posts. Thank you! And that photo of the cakes is really a nice one. I've got a chocolate bundt cake in the oven right now. Tomorrow is Hank's girlfriend's birthday. She's as sweet as cake and I'm happy to be making her one but if we lived closer, I'd buy one from you.
    Man! How DOES Sophie keep all those jobs straight? She's such a hard worker. We are all proud of her!

  2. Sophie probably has five stars on Uber. She seems like she'd be good.

    For my passwords I keep them on a spreadsheet with mostly cryptic hints to the passwords instead the actual things written out, so I know them but Joe Schmo wouldn't be able to figure them out. Then I print it off and as I'm forced to update them I do so in the saved version. It's worked for me for years. Of course I have to have easy cryptics so I don't confuse myself.

  3. Those cakes! That daughter of yours and her enterprising spirit! And seriously, you are some kind of genius with the baking gig. And the photo is completely enticing. A Russian actually hacked my Uber account, btw, so I use Lyft now. I have no idea what to do about the password thing. Another btw, the rather worthless social security website makes you change your password every month. That will grow more and more entertaining as the users grow older.

  4. Use a password manager. All you need to remember is one password.
    I use 1password.

  5. Use Password Vault. I just heard about it but the guy who recommended it is an IT guy and he swears by it!

  6. Your cakes are enchanting. Good thing I'm in northern CA, though, if I lived close enough, I'd buy the rose cake and have a tea party to share it with friends. x0x0 N2

  7. Beautiful cakes. And very cool website. The gig economy is an endless hustle and sometimes I get so tired because things can take forever to actually materialize. But it sounds like you have a lot of great things cooking. The LA Times gig is awesome. Congrats.

  8. I feel so much better starting my day knowing that Sophie is starting to earn her own way. Another win for the repubs!!


  9. The cakes look great! You are so enterprising. And Sophie too, of course.

    I have no better suggestion re. the passwords. They're a nightmare -- a modern curse. I keep all mine right on my computer, which is admittedly ridiculous!

  10. That was fun! Your cakes are as beautiful as I'll bet they are delicious. I love the colors in that photo, the brightness of it. Makes me want a cake, bad!
    I keep my passwords in an old fashioned address book (in pencil). Alphabetical by site name, easy to carry and people just think it's .... an address book.
    I don't know how Sophie does Uber. It would drive me crazy, but then Sophie has lots of patience!

  11. Thanks for my daily laughs. Sophie's career choices are so wise - I'm going to suggest them to my daughter, C.

  12. You are so enterprising. And Sophie too, of course.

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  13. I don't know how Sophie does Uber. It would drive me crazy,

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