Friday, November 16, 2018

It's just impossible

Seizure days. ESES days. How do we get through them? Still, I have no idea. Still. Still! What would it look like to get through them? Is there some sort of chant for it, a manifestation? How does Buddhism work when your daughter has a bad seizure day?  It's just impossible, my friend Jody once said about her own situation, and I think about that often. It's just impossible. I think about Paloma and Calvin and Michael and Robert and Zaki and Charlotte and FlyBoy and Sophia and William and Emily and -- well -- all of them. It's impossible.

Listen. We had Dr. Bonni Goldstein on the Who Lives Like This?! podcast this week! She educates everyone about the endocannabinoid system and how cannabis medicine can right the balance for so many disorders. She talks about caregiving for caregivers, but her advice is really for anyone who wants to learn about how imbalances in the endocannabinoid system can manifest as disease or insomnia or anxiety or depression, etc. She has advice and suggestions. Check it out here. You can listen right from the blog post or from iTunes directly.


  1. Listening to this is on my TO DO RIGHT NOW list.
    I probably need to send the link to Marilyn and Spencer.
    Love you so.

  2. It’s impossible and yet there you are. There you both are. Love.

  3. We've had a rough two weeks, screaming seizures are a thing apparently?? I have no idea how we get through it but I have often thought to myself if Elizabeth and Paige can get through this so can I. That gives me comfort. I can't wait to listen on my road trip tomorrow.



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