Sunday, March 29, 2020

We Can Do Hard Things, Sunday 3/29/20

Staying sane while quarantining

Thoughts in real time:

4:00 am
Should I call Sophie's neurologist tomorrow and ask him whether I might get a nebulizer and/or steroid inhaler, in case Sophie gets The Virus? I worry that Sophie will (1) not be treated in a hospital should things get bad or (2) she will be treated but I won't be able to be with her. Number 2 is as hideous as number 1 so many minutes of anxiety ensue, but I eventually go back to sleep.

9:00 am
I think I'll make a Dutch Baby and use apples in it. I make a Dutch Baby.

11:00 am
I think I'll send the recipe to Henry up in Spokane as he's feeling bored and lonely and probably terrified down deep, behind his near-Darwinian comments. I send the recipe and he texts back, Sweet.

11:15 am
The Virus doesn't care about our moods, about our cycling through anger, grief, terror, contentment, resignation, resolve, dark humor. The Virus just IS.

11:28 am
I forgot to tell Dear Readers to watch the documentary Crip Camp, pronto. Dear Readers, watch Crip Camp, pronto. It's fantastic. It's on Netflix. It's testament to people doing hard things -- hard, hard things for decades.

11:30 am
I suppose if I were into Twitter, I could do this there, but I prefer the blogging platform. I'll end here, and I'll see you later.

I won


  1. You captured sooooo much, a whole g danged world, in these few words. I am in awe of you, and grateful to call you friend.

  2. Yes. Rosemarie is right.
    Loving you, honey. Through all of it.

  3. Crip Camp is stunning. All of this Elizabeth and Dutch babies too. All of this. ❤️

  4. Of course you won! :-)

    I hope you and your family are fine.

    Greetings from London.

  5. Wait, wait. Don't tell me! Show me the action. Please.


  6. I Love your Tudor Cottage, that Architecture always looks so Enchanting and like a Fairy Tale! They have them here in Phoenix but WAY out of our Price Point since the Historic Homes are coveted by the affluent. I think a lot of us are having the 3:00 in the Mornings, I'm up at 3:00 AM typing Blog Posts and usually find The Man also awake... my Granddaughter has also become an Insomniac, we're turning into a Family of Vampires during the Pandemic! When you said you were making a Dutch Baby I didn't realize it was a confection... mebbe I'm just tired, but it made me laugh out loud, since I was wondering where you found a Dutchman at 4:00 AM, but you do live in Cali, so anything is possible! *Winks*

  7. You have a lovely house and you're all getting fresh air, always a good thing.

    I would be a nebulizer for Sophie, just to on the safe side. I'm a worst case scenario kind of person, this time it's working out for me. Who knew?

    Sending hugs and love.

  8. I have a nebulizer at home, thank goodness. Having one for Sophie wouldn't be a bad idea.

    I haven't eaten a Dutch Baby in years! And I have some apples near the end of their shelf life. A project today perhaps.

    I am going to watch Crip Camp TODAY, so thank you very much for reminding me!

    Stay well!

  9. Yes on the precaution of a nebulizer. For a bit of peace of mind, as well as a health issue.

    Now I'm looking up Dutch Baby!



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