Saturday, December 12, 2020

Stopping and Watching the Leaves (Cimbrian Women)


I bought a big Christmas wreath today at a neighborhood Christmas tree lot. I was driving around the big shitty, thinking about the coronavirus and the vaccine and why people are so stubborn yet so hopeful and my tiny little mother mind™ whispered its disappointment in the spoonful of sugar mentality of my countrywomen and men who are most if not all all geared up to be cured by this thing and my tiny little mother mind™ is just sighing and trying not to let the old ghosts run down its labyrinthine corridors with all those little doors behind which are all those little experiences. My tiny little mother mind™ thinks gently about the idea of Terrible America being capable of pulling something like this off given what’s just happened in the last ten months, gently because twenty-five years have taught me to approach gently that which is impossible, the better to hold and bear it along with all the good and beautiful. 

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  1. We approach the Vaccine gently too... the logistics are beyond daunting and we failed at getting enough PPE produced and distributed and that didn't require special handling at subzero temps or a Lottery type Rating of who will be first, last, denied. As for it all being Free... there are no Free rides really and anything potentially profitable and corrupted to benefit the greedy, will be. I'm cynical and approach gently anything like this... especially 'Cures' and implied 'Cure Alls', the masses are too quick to want the Easy Fix and embrace the Delusions, they've shown that in abundance.



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