Sunday, December 27, 2020

Happy Two Days After Christmas


There's been a lot of sweetness.

And a lot of Dumb and Dumber.

Reader, what's happening?


  1. So glad you had all of the Family for this Pandemic Christmas with sweet and silly humorous memories. Gathering can be so difficult right now and the Holidays can be lonely if not for contact with those we Love. May the New Year not suck as much as 2020 has.

  2. I love the sweetness and the dumb and dumber. I always remember that this was the time of year when I found you, right after Christmas, cleaning up the holiday mess, and I loved you at once.

  3. I love your kids! I was able to spend 2 hours outside with my grandkids, and that was pretty wonderful. I took a wee break from *not* blogging and posted today. May be my last for quite awhile. No motivation, doncha know? Too much stimulation. Sending you best wishes for 2021, to you, your kids, and your adorable sweetheart.



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