Friday, January 1, 2021

Day One 2021


Good morning! The picture above is from last night when Carl, Henry, Oliver and I went to Santa Monica and watched the sun go down on 2020. Sophie was at her father's place, so the evening wasn't perfectly perfect, but it was pretty close to perfect being with three men that I love on the beach that I love. When the sun dipped below the horizon, everyone cheered. We drove home and built a little fire in the fire-pit in our backyard, roasted marshmallows and played a game on our phones called Psych or something like that. We drank champagne and whiskey and beer together and laughed and argued but mostly laughed, and it was about the most perfect New Year's Eve I could ever imagine during a pandemic or otherwise, to tell you the truth. I wrote down a few of my current fears and burned them in the fire, and when I went to bed my clothes smelled like smoke. When I woke this morning just before sunrise, my hair still smelled smoky and the moon shone in a band through the back door blinds. I stood there in my mind in the moonlight the year behind us with many ways forward, the rest of it, life, seen through the eyes of the heart.


  1. A lovely celebration. Happy new year to you and your loves.

  2. As I was saying before I rudely cut myself off and don't know whether the first part of my comment disappeared or not ... it looks like you had a great time. Also, I like the fact that the scent of woodsmoke lingers a while. I love that smell. Nice to see you all so happy. xoxo Kate

  3. That Sunset!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Celebratory Gathering looks like a Perfect End to that dreadful Year. May 2021 hold much Promise, Happy New Year!

  4. An absolutely perfect night with the men you love. Those boys are men, now, and they're beautiful and good. You did that.



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