Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Apotropaic Devices: I Will LIft Up My Skirt


Tonight I watched a recording of a lecture titled "The Vulva's Pilgrimage: Understanding Medieval Genitalia Badges." I bought a ticket to hear this lecture from The London Drawing Group, so in lieu of listening live at some ungodly hour, I received the recorded version and watched it tonight after dinner. The pandemic has made possible a number of things for me, and, no, I'm not going mad. While I've begun a number of crafts and even dabbled in art for the first time in my life, I'm not yet casting vulvas. Yet might be an operative word there. 

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  1. The Man did Wonder that since I'm his full time Caregiver I might qualify to get my Vaccine at the same time he manages to get his, he's already qualified for his 'turn', you just can't get appointments and the VA still has no vaccines to administer for right now to those who already should be receiving them.



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