Friday, October 30, 2009

The Obligatory Photos

Every year, The Husband tries to come home from work early one night and help to carve pumpkins. Since he's a chef, and a pretty fancy, trained one, his carving skills are advanced. And he's Swiss, too, which makes him a perfectionist, often to an aggravating degree. He isn't schooled in politically correct parenting, either, so he just can't stand to see a job not done just so. The right way. One day I'll post about what happens at Christmas when he makes a gingerbread house "with the kids." Suffice it to say that crafts led by The Husband don't involve me. I steer clear. I take photos. So here they are:

Henry jumps right on in, impervious to The Husband's admonitions:

Oliver, on the other hand, like a chip off the old block, is upset that his pumpkin face has already been drawn and not by himself.

He will stay like this for a really long time, while great pumpkin-carving continues all around him:

Here he is about a half an hour later:

and here

And then, he reluctantly picks up the drill

and grudgingly starts drilling. A boy and drill is good for the soul.


  1. Wow are your boys growing up. And they look a lot like The Husband, and Your Sophie, and you.

  2. I'm sorry, but this made me laugh out loud. My husband's dad (87 yrs. old) is like this about yard work, and my husband has this aspect, too. What is it? (They are of German heritage, not Swiss, so I don't know if it's nationality.) Anyway, I love your photos and the way you told the story. I hope that tomorrow night is much more fun for everyone!

  3. Leightongirl -- Henry looks exactly like me, actually, and Oliver is a mini-the husband. It's a little scary. Sophie has Michael's nose but looks like an Aquino in many ways.

    Karen - Michael is Swiss-German, and I think it's a stereotype that is true...

  4. Stereotypes come from somewhere.
    These are beautiful pictures- the one of Sophie and her papa made my heart stop. It's that beautiful.

  5. Fun to read and fun to look at post! I can't imagine a Swiss chef...OMG...perfectionist for sure!!!

  6. Hi, reading this made me smile this morning :-)

  7. Is that how you carve a pumpkin, with a drill?! Who knew! That's why in this country pumpkin carving hasn't caught on at all, we were trying with a chisel! You're always advanced, and we're always behind, pretty SCARY:)! Happy Halloween!
    PS and yes, to give a boy a power tool!

  8. What a great time. I love the pictures and pumpkins. I would love to just stand back and take pictures. But we didn't do pumpkins this year anyway. Just didn't think about it.

  9. All the photos in this post are just classic. I love it. So hysterical!



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