Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Shakespeare

Over at SpainDaily  I listened to the most sublime reading of Shakespeare's Sonnet 29, which led me to Rufus Wainwright and this version (the video is not the greatest, but that doesn't really matter...).


  1. Thanks for posting this. He's really great. Rufus.

    And The other guy, too. :)

  2. I absolutely love him. And this. And you and the philosophers and the mermaid. Did I leave anyone out?

    Strange day today dealing with a radiation god who I happened to meet for the first time and who I really like and trust. He is willing to go where no one has gone before - or for that matter even willing to take a look at the map to show them how to get there.

    He is young, already a professor and given my natural inclination to mistrust them doctors after my personal Odyssey, I am totally dumbfounded at realizing I trust him. Tell me that I am getting old and feeble. There ought to be a reason for this.

  3. BTW, this is my second favorite, the one that I die for is "Matthew Macfadyen reads the poem 'Sonnet 29'"
    Then again he could read the telephone book and I will still lose my head over that.

  4. I remember buying Rufus's daddy's album so long ago, when Rufus was just a baby and I fell in love with the Wainwrights then.
    And Allegra- I am so glad you trust this doctor. You have good instincts, of course, and I am sure there is a reason you trust him.

  5. of my favorite singers. He can bring me to tears with his songs.



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