Monday, September 29, 2014

Cannabis Oil Questions, Answered #5

I just got my doctor to recommend CBD oil for my child that suffers from epilepsy. Does anyone know where I can get CBD oil today? 

That was actually a question posed today on one of the closed Facebook groups that I surf around on periodically. These groups have been a wonderful resource and community and stop short of being overwhelming, mainly because they're new and the threads are short and the members are all incredibly warm and friendly and open in sharing their experiences and knowledge. Back in the dark ages, when the internet was just beginning to emerge as a lifeline for those of us in the disability community, I would sign up for these things called chat groups and listservs on major epilepsy sites. You could pose a question and get an answer -- or five thousand answers -- and each would lead you down a tiny rabbit hole that led to a dark warren where gigantic rabbits with whiskers and red eyes would sit twitching. At least that was my experience. Eventually, I quit asking questions in chat rooms or listservs (why was there never an e at the end of that word?) and climbed up out of the ground and into the sunlight where I foraged around in doctors' gardens, stealing their vegetables, dodging bullets and withstanding the occasional rake to my head. If you fast forward seventeen or eighteen years, when I got serious about trying to find some medical marijuana for Sophie, I went at it pretty skeptically, my sense of urgency muted both by necessity (hopes dashed) and experience (feeling frantic and doing things frantically almost never works). Despite the necessity and experience, though, it was a damn slog that you've read about here, ad nauseum. Here's the thing, though: Sophie got Charlotte's Web in late December, and by January her seizures were dramatically reduced -- that's nearly nine months ago. In those nine months, several very cool Facebook closed groups have popped up with thousands of very cool individuals posting questions daily, looking for information. They get answers. There don't seem to be any rabbit holes, either. The fact that someone can ask the question above using the word today and get an answer, maybe even a product, is an amazing, wondrous thing. 

Honestly, this old bunny feels like there's hope, still, in ordinary people living extraordinary lives being able to make change without power or influence or vast amounts of cash.

It's only been nine months that this old bunny pioneer has turned to historian!

As for an answer to that question, there were several. Things are happening and happening fast. Email me, go to Realm of Caring or join one of the closed Facebook groups. I promise there are no twitchy, red-eyed rabbits down dark holes anymore.

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  1. It IS amazing how people are able to connect these days, and how quickly events are changing. Because listservs (I don't know why there was no e, either) and newsgroups were not as transparent as Facebook, they probably led commenters to say things they otherwise wouldn't, cloaked by anonymity. Don't you think?

  2. I often feel as if in these nine months I've watched a miracle as Sophie's seizures have been so reduced and her smiling and alertness have increased. I am glad there are no more rabbit holes. And I am glad there is you, the nine month historian, though it's a bit like having "overnight success" after toiling for decades.

  3. It is amazing! And a little bit sad that people used to be able to ask their doctors a question and get an answer "today," but that is no longer the case, is it? Especially with most medical care having been co-opted by corporate interests or politicized. You are a revolutionary and it is awesome to witness!



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