Monday, March 14, 2016

The Quarterly Tiny Little Mother Mind™ Report

Someone said this: Science is more than equations or experiments. It is a window to humanity, a quest for understanding, and, often, a way of life. 

I poked raspberries in Sophie's mouth. She's a bird these days, less -like than ready to fly. She opens her mouth and reaches toward the plate, around me, ready for the next and the next. Her father took her to the dentist last week, but they had to leave without the cleaning because she was too rowdy. The strain of cannabis that we're trying and the dosage that we've tinkered with so diligently under the direction of Dr. Bonni Goldstein is helping Sophie. Yesterday, she had her first full-blown seizure in nearly ten days. That's some data right there, a pattern building. It's a fallacy peddled by neurocapitalists that we need more evidence. Here's what's working for us: less pharmaceuticals, more cannabis. Long-term effects are now.


  1. Love that it's working and that you have access to it. Hate the full-blown seizure.
    Love your witnessing and reporting and advocating, and that picture of your lovely young woman is so exquisite.

  2. Amen. Every time I am reminded of this I am just as awed.

  3. Your beautiful girl in pearls and light. You and you alone know exactly what is right.

  4. Yes. It's working. Absolutely. For me too. Absolutely. When I read Jill's comment I read just as wed because I am weird today but it made complete sense. I am wed to the truth the capital T truth that is.

  5. They should see you as an expert research scientist. Nose to the grind, test after test, valid documented results.

    That outfit on Sophie makes her look like a princess, love it, love the inquisitive look on her face. How attentive she looks.

  6. Did you see this?

    It appears that big pharma is now rushing to cash in on CBD derivatives. My favorite quote from the article was:

    “My kid’s stable. I’m not touching it,” said Allison Ray Benavides, whose 6-year-old son, Robby, is using Charlotte’s Web, to which a little of the psychoactive component THC is added.

  7. Not to be shallow but I do love Sophie's birthday attire. She's so lovely. And the end of your post just pierced me. Long term effects are now. So true it astonishes.

  8. Good steps in the right direction. Your own science which lies closest to the experience. Cannabis works in situations such as these.



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