Saturday, March 19, 2016

I'm in the mood

Coronado Island

for some Jack Gilbert:

It Is Difficult To Speak Of The Night

It is difficult to speak of the night.
It is the other time. Not
an absence of day.
Bt where there are no flowers
to turn away into.
There is only this dark
and the familiar place of my body.
And the voices calling out
of me for love.
This is not the night of the young:
their simple midnight of fear.
Nor the later place to employ.
This dark is a major nation.
I turn to it at forty
and find the night in flood.
Find the dark deployed in process.
Clotted in parts, in parts
flowing with lights.
The voices still keen of the divorce
we are born into.
But they are farther off,
and do not interest me.
I am forty, and it is different.
Suddenly in midpassage
I come into myself. I leaf
gigantically. An empire yields
unexpectedly: cities, summer forests,
satrapies, horses.
A solitude: an enormity.
Thank god.

Jack Gilbert
via Poetry


  1. You always find the perfect poem.

  2. Beautiful. I am so grateful for the gift you always give of poetry that I would never find on my own. It feels like a little reward for all the travails of daily life.

  3. I'm 50. Have I come into myself and leafed gigantically? I'm not sure!



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