Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gob-smacked and smitten by apps

I'm re-posting this from a few weeks ago.

There's still time to make me a millionaire! Please sign up by Friday -- I signed up and receive notices about some really cool apps. It's a great way to make one's way through the chaos that is the internet and apps.

Here's the RE-POST!

I posted the great Dorothy Parker's quote the other day:

Well, as you might guess from the looks of the blog, I have a few ads running here and there and I get the chance every now and then to plug some product or something or other that I actually like. Right now through BlogHer, I'm participating as an affiliate with a company called appSmitten which hand-selects the best apps out there for your iPhone, Android or iPad and sends you a newsletter with the recommendations directly to your inbox. I believe that finding good apps is sort of like finding a needle in a haystack (to use a trite expression), and I have to say that I'm impressed by this company and look forward to seeing what they're going to find for me. You can customize how you receive the recommendations, so you're not bombarded with information night and day. They even have recommendations for kids.

The best part about this?

If you sign up for the newsletter right HERE, I get compensated for it. That's right. I get $1 per new subscriber.

If a million of you subscribe, then you just know, I'll be the most darling person on the internet.


  1. Done...from the heart of lovel Montreal, Quebec!

  2. I did it when you first posted about it and I LOVE IT! Do it, y'all! It's a great thing and it's not tacky and Elizabeth will be rewarded! Win-win-WIN!

  3. Done! Excellent timing, as usual - I'm the new proud owner of a Fancy Phone. I'm taking bets on long it'll before I leave on the hood of my car & then run over it.

  4. Done! It sounds cool. I hope you become a millionaire. :)

  5. I don't have an iPhone or an iPad yet, so right now the only way I can make you a millionare is to win the lottery and share it with ya.

    And I'm conflicted, should I get an smart phone or will it just feed into my already rather scattered sense of focus? Feel free to share your thoughts.

  6. I would sign up and earn you a buck, but I already signed up and earned myself a buck. Your plea was much more elegant than mine - anything with a quote from Dorothy Parker is classy in my book.

  7. I finally did it. I used my new zip code. Maybe there's a surf report app. Or a sea otter app. Or a how to become a boater app or learn to fish app.

    And yes, thank you for the offer of cake. I plan to have a party for sure before I leave here.

  8. I have no fancy phone or iPad either. Though once I finally one I totally will sign up.

  9. Ok, Darling, I did it. If I'm ever in your area, you owe me a cup of tea. Hugs to you and Sophie and the boys.

  10. I tend to be more of a stealth reader here. I am the mother of a 7 year old son with significant global delays but I will come "out of hiding" in order to help pave your road to wealth! You are a comfort in the world of disabilities. I subscribed.

  11. Totally did it when you first posted and totally love it.



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