Sunday, April 29, 2012

"The world is too grand to reshape with babble"

I had nothing but babble today, so instead, a poem that I read in Tricycle magazine.


After days of darkness I didn't understand
a second of yellow sunlight
here and gone through a hold in clouds
as quickly as a flashbulb, an immense
memory of a moment of grace withdrawn.
It is said that we are here but seconds in cosmic
time, twelve and a half billion years,
but who is saying this and why?
In the Salt Lake City airport eight out of ten
were fiddling relentlessly with cell phones.
The world is too grand to reshape with babble.
Outside the hot sun beat down on clumsy metal
birds and an actual ten million year old
crow flew by squawking in bemusement.
We're doubtless as old as our mothers, thousands
of generations waiting for the sunlight.

Jim Harrison


  1. the way the sunlight illuminates each soft curve of sophie's face?
    pure poetry.

  2. I can't imagine a more perfect pairing of picture and poem.

  3. Ooooh, I love Jim Harrison. This hits one physically, doesn't it?

  4. Harrison is a grand one. Your daughter raises her face to the sun like a flower.

  5. I appreciate this Elizabeth.
    I'm keeping my babble to myself of late...
    I'm okay with that.



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