Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My new favorite blog

It's for book lovers and food lovers.

I'm jealous.

Here's the link.


  1. oh christ. there goes my work day.
    books & food. a killer blog, not only am i jealous she is writing it, i'm jealous you found it...

    glug glug

  2. cool blog .... but someone has a lot of time on her hands ... I know that's snarky, but I'm feeling the snark

  3. Wow, just wow!

    So wish she'd redo the top of that table though...lead paint chips in the food, not so good.

    But wow! Thanks for that.

  4. Oh dear, so here I go, the poor man is going to go blind because of me after next week, once again. But thank you, there is nothing like celebrating the whimsy of others, it almost makes up for my own eccentricities :)

  5. Well. I'm sorta jealous too, if you want to know the truth.
    But it is a beautiful blog.

  6. Thank you so much for the blog love, Elizabeth! You have no idea how much it means to me. Your blog is absolutely beautiful and I will certainly be back for more inspiration.
    For the record I'm the pastry chef and butcher at a restaurant and work 80-90 hour weeks so I really don't have lots of time on my hands--but we find time for what we love don't we! Thank you again, Elizabeth!



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