Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1/2 Hour Break


I'm sitting in my pajamas and robe at my desk with a glass of water and a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, on a break from a job that entails being on an open conference call for nearly six hours. I wanted to tell ya'll really quickly that I've actually had a wonderful discussion with a friend of mine who is a Libertarian and that she might have convinced me to come to a community meeting of an LA mayoral candidate who is a Republican. All cliches are welcome here as comments.

I'll start:

May wonders never cease.


  1. what?? perhaps you're on a sugar high from the girl scout cookies?

  2. Um. What the hell do they put in those cookies?

  3. No! I'll believe it when donkeys fly.

  4. Don't bring anything you might be tempted to chuck at anyone's head. It might be a pleasant surprise, but just in case it isn't, I'm pretty sure you can't blog from a jail cell....

  5. My problem with anyone who calls him or herself a Republican is that they have to identify at some point with some of what the party thinks. But hell! Go listen! Can't hurt.

  6. Throw those cookies away! Throw them away!

    OK, here is a story. I once voted for a different party than I usually do even though the candidate was a conservative. He had a strong background in charitable causes that were opposite of everyone else in the party. He was also a father to about 20 special needs foster children. He and his wife took on the tough cases that nobody else would consider. Years later his foster children said that the love the he and his wife gave were the reason that they were able to turn their lives around. But the big one was his belief for fully funded medications for those who had Hepatitis C. There was a short time when our blood supply was not screened properly and as a result people ended up with Hep C. He believed that the Province was responsible and should pay for the medications that cost $1000.00 a day but would put most victims into remission or cure. In the end, he ended up getting elected and I know a victim of the Hep C tainted blood supply that is alive and well because of the treatment he received.
    The candidate ended up retiring after 4 years. He felt he needed to put his focus back on his foster children.

  7. Go! You'll be fine. I completely trust your judgment.


  8. My sister in law is libertarian and always has been (washington native). From listening to her I know that republican or democrat makes no difference really. I'll bet he'll talk about taxes, civil and human rights and smaller government.

  9. Interesting! I can't wait to hear your impressions of the event. I'm more horrified by the fact that you're on a six-hour conference call!!

  10. Are you pulling my leg?
    Is hell freezing over?
    Never in a month of Sundays!
    Now while some here may think you are:
    sleeping with the enemy
    playing with fire
    opening the flood gates
    jumping out of the frying pan
    or skating on thin ice,
    I suspect your motivation is more along the lines of....if the mountain won't come to Mohammed or no guts, no glory.
    Whatever you reasoning dear friend, knock 'em dead!

  11. My eyes kept reading, but my brain stopped at, "sleeve of Girl Scout cookies." Now, if you'll excuse me... I gotta go see a man about a sleeve.

  12. I wanted to comment here yesterday but was too sick to get off my phone and down the hall to the computer. But I was going to go with:

    When hell freezes over!


    A time for everything.

  13. 6. Hour. Conference. Call. Whoa. Having an aversion to telephones myself, i can't even fathom this. You're incredible. Lawd Bessie Tarnation Almighty.



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