Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The white smoke over the Vatican

I can only hope, for the sake of my parents, who loved the church so much, that a miracle of divine grace alters the writing on the wall. If not, the Catholic Church will suffer the fate it deserves.
John Patrick Shanley 

This is really the most kick-ass opinion piece I've read on the resignation of Pope Benedict. Read it here.


  1. I don't, by and large, like organized religion. Pretty much across the board. I don't believe. And I don't believe anyone has the right to tell me what to believe. And among the leadership in the Roman Catholic Church are people guilty of massive sin. So much you wonder how they don't drown in oily inner blackness.

    But years ago I witnessed good in a Roman Catholic archdiocese. I was a Miami corporate banker for a large regional bank now just a memory in the belly of BofA. The Archdiocese of Miami was my largest lending relationship, mid 8-figures big (which was a lot more money at that time). It was my business to know the Archdiocese's business and how their money flowed.

    I expected religious expenditures, buildings and monuments and churches. What I found a shock was the safety net extended to the poor and to refugees--of whom we had far too many washing up on the beaches; strangers who were fed and clothed, children who were educated, middle-aged parents who learned English and were helped with jobs.

    The federal government didn't help and the city didn't have much to spare. Without the relief from the Archdiocese, many more families would have lived and died on the streets.

    That good doesn't make up for institutional blindness, intolerance and injustice. I hope the new pope is a throwback to men who care more for the flock than for power and politics.

  2. Excellent piece. I wish the NYT was allowing reader comments -- I'd love to see what others had to say.



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