Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Spine-tingling life

A beautiful, shiny Rolls-Royce pulled up beside me in the CVS drug store parking lot early this morning, where I had gone to pick up some boxes of band-aids to cover the stitches in my back from last week's minor surgery. Seeing Rolls-Royces in Los Angeles is not such an anomaly, but it's usually in Beverly Hills that they roam and certainly not at the local drug store in my neighborhood. When I glanced over, the driver glanced at me and then continued shaving with what looked like an electric razor. I wanted to take his photo, but I didn't have the nerve until he got out of the car and walked inside. He didn't appear to be a chauffeur, dressed in a shabby suit with a yarmulke on his head, and I prefer to think that he was running errands, just like me, living a spine-tingling life.

Success Story

My clothes are perfectly contoured
to my body. My shoes & socks
fit just right. My cat is a delightful
intelligent animal. My apartment
is great. The right location,
cheap rent. I eat the best food.
My friends love me. I adore them.
My lover is terrific & beautiful.
The sun is shining. There are trees
even in the slums in Washington.
I have tons of money & a gorgeous 
air conditioner. Great art hangs
on my wall. I live a spine-tingling life
of delirious sex & intense happiness.
Terence Winch 


  1. Oh man! That poem is the story of my LIFE! I should sue the author. Haha! (I think that poem is genius)

  2. Where ever do you find this stuff? Brilliant as always.

    Today I found myself yearning for anothers life. An easy, spine tingling, carefree life.

    Now I am busy beating myself up for even thinking that way given the events of this week. How selfish and ungrateful am I?

    I am still however, going to drink tonight. Wallow in a few. While taking my nightly scalding hot baths. Swear it must be along the lines of hot yoga as to the reason I do that. Trying to rid my body of my emotional toxins perhaps.

    Aren't I a ray of sunshine tonight?

  3. A "gorgeous air conditioner" -- ha!

    Who shaves in the car -- really?! What about all the whiskers? Don't they fall all over his suit? Bleah.

  4. Oooh. Wonder what he bought at CVS? Maybe something to tone down those tingles.

  5. Wild. Men shave in strange places apparently. In the coffee house I frequent there is a little note taped onto the bathroom mirror that says "No shaving please. This restroom is shared by all." I always think "who the F would shave in a restroom at a coffee house?" but apparently it MUST happen, hence the sign.

    You've got a fabu life over there in California :)

  6. Not photographing the man was, I hope, not just a lack of "nerve" on your part, but simple decency and respect for privacy. A written description of a striking scenario is one thing, but using strangers' images as blog fodder is--well, how would you feel if someone posted pictures, available to the entire world, of you going about your own life's business?

    1. Anonymous, maybe it was you there in the Rolls Royce? If so, I would have respected your privacy and never posted a clear photo of your cleanly shaven face. As for me, if someone wants to photograph me shaving in my Mazda, I would hope that it was right after the delirious sex I was having with Javier Bardem in the back seat.

    2. But what would you be shaving? After having rollicking sex with JB, nothing else would matter. Certainly not a few long hairs.

  7. Maybe he lost his perfect apartment and now lives in the car.

  8. Shaving in the car - that's gross

    And anonymous should live in this century

  9. This poem reminds me of the christmas letters people send out...I mean really...don't they think people know the real story all through the year. One year I am going to do a real life Christmas letter..starting with Dear____, Everything is so screwed up in my life...just don't know what I am going to do...etc. etc.



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