Friday, April 19, 2013

Planting Rue

Ah, are you digging on my grave,
My loved one -- planting rue?

Thomas Hardy

I think my week of posting poetry in lieu of tongue lashings is finally coming to an end. I am reminded of my favorite joke:

What goes HA HA PLOP?
(answer below)

So, should I continue to post poetry that sustains me when I'm darkest or should I get out the scythe and sharpen my tongue?

Should I laugh my head off at the creeps in the Senate and the constituents they represent who wouldn't vote for the barest minimum in gun control laws, or should I sharpen my tongue and cry out against those who believe they have the right to protect their "liberty" and themselves from -- wait, exactly what? -- with a big ass gun, a collection of guns that they picked up at the local gun show in their godforsaken prairie town. I don't know about you, but I live in the second biggest city in the country, and I'm not particularly afraid. I don't foresee a need to protect my children with a big-ass gun from either a criminal or the government.

Should I laugh my head off at the fact that it'd be easier for me to go buy a big-ass gun and ammunition to protect me and mine from the government than it would be for me to purchase an affordable medication for my daughter with my private health insurance policy?

I just typed a comment on another blog about my own head this week, so heavy with the vile stuff that's happened, that I imagine it falling soundly off and not even bouncing.

Reader, is your head heavy and your tongue sharp?

***A man laughing his head off.


  1. That film is amazing.
    As to my head? It is mostly filled with poop and Power Rangers at this moment. This is not bad at all and not very heavy and my tongue is sweet.

  2. My head is about to lift off. The only thing keeping me rooted is the surreal disbelief, a heavy weight it turns out. I love your sharp tongue. The clarity and sense you bring to the proceedings are a beacon amid the madness.

  3. I find myself going back and forth between the two. Humor is a welcomed relief!

  4. Yes, yes. I want to yell at ignorant old men in the Senate, I want to shake people, I want to scream common sense from the street corners, but it just won't matter, will it?

    I've been reading a nitty gritty novel of the Civil War, thinking how strange a county we are, such a mix of great and terrible, and how very little has changed, or ever will. Maybe it's the headcold or the news fatigue, but my attitude is bleak this week.

    I loved the poem, got a little lost in it there, thanks. Thank goodness for words and art and love.

  5. I love Thomas Hardy - The Mayor of Casterbridge is my favorite of his.
    To fill my head with a good book - that's something.

    Gabby Giffords is on fire.



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