Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Los Angeles' Macchu Picchu

This morning, Oliver and I joined my friend D and climbed these stairs.

It was grueling, to tell you the truth, and I had to stop several times and contemplate the universe. Oh, and catch my breath. I think lifting and carrying Sophie has kept me in a modicum of shape, but man oh man, I was out of breath and my thighs are still quivering. When we got to the top -- a scenic overlook -- the athletic freakazoids were doing push-ups and what looked like twirling handstands. A group of very large Rastafarians were listening to reggae. Men, women, old, young, black, white, Asian, Latino -- a real slice of Los Angeles walked those steps and took in what is the best reason for walking up so many stairs -- the view of the mountains and the skyline to the east and north:

 and the ocean to the west:

We're living the life out here, aren't we?


  1. OUTSTANDING. One thing I've always wanted to do.

  2. That does remind me of Macchu Picchu. I am just incredibly impressed. Why were those steps built in the first place?

  3. Love it! I love thinking about the people who put the steps in and the work it must have taken. I hope they still climb them and revel in the glory of their work.

  4. Those stairs are very cool! We recently hiked Stone Mountain. No ocean view but the view of downtown, midtown and Buckhead buildings was neat and trees everywhere else, and everyone is also either young, old, black, white, Latino or Asian as well.
    --Michele R.

  5. And not a railing in sight. I would never make it.

  6. I am green with envy. I am Canadian and it's minus 20 Celsius (without the windchill, which makes it even worse) and we can barely see out the window because the snow is blowing around so much. They had to cancel all the school buses today because the diesel fuel turns to some kind of gel at a certain temperature, not to mention frostbitten kids etc..... It really, really is not fun right now! Enjoy your sunshine!

  7. Where ARE those stairs? Somehow I've missed those on my travels to LA.

    1. The stairs are in Culver City and lead up to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Point -- very beautiful and probably the best views of the entire city!

  8. That view is definitely worth the climb!

  9. Well done - and what a reward at the top!

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