Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hedgebrook, Day Seven

I went to sleep last night too late, grateful to be done with A Little Life and immersed in Sally Mann's Hold Still.

I wrote for hours, filling in spots in my goddamn book (henceforth called MGDB) that called for something, anything. I remembered the early days of my life in the circus, the three-ringed one of the kids and me, Henry and Oliver and I on the trapeze, Sophie our Master of Ceremonies.

My true talent lies on the tightrope, though.

On my way back from the farmhouse last night where I'd returned after dinner to get two slices of toast for my breakfast, I made my way through the meadow (yes, farmhouse, meadow), sat on a bench and watched Mt. Rainier rise up through pink clouds, its snowy tip visible and then not. The wind blew through the grasses in front of me and was all I could hear.


  1. I am so glad that you are reading and writing and sitting still and enjoying the wonders of this part of the world. It makes me happy to know you're just ... around.

  2. I like that MGDB thing! I have one of those--- I haven't touched in months. But I may this week--- thanks to you!

  3. You book is going to be stunning. It already is. No pressure! Write and write.

  4. Thank you for posting every day!

  5. Breathe - and then breathe deeper.

  6. Your description of "Hold Still" in your comment yesterday has me really wanting to read it! Hope you're still enjoying your bucolic escape, the goddamn book notwithstanding...:)



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