Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hedgebrook, Day Twenty-two

Willow Cottage with the only blue door at Hedgebrook

I've said my good-byes and am sitting in Willow Cottage, waiting to be picked up and driven to the shuttle that will take me to the ferry that will take me to Seattle airport that will take me to my plane that will take me to my sons and daughter.

I never did see that owl, but last night a bat flew into the screen window at about 2:00 am while I sat up in bed, reading. At first I thought it was a moth, then realized it was a bat, and then fell to my knees in prayer and thanksgiving that the screen was in place. I suppose there's meaning to be made from not seeing an owl and having a bat encounter instead, but I'll leave that up to you to make of it what you will.

I've girded my loins for re-entry. I'm feeling good.


  1. I'm kind of excited for re-entry! I missed those beautiful children! But I'm so happy you had this time.

  2. So glad you had this time to work in peace and peacefully work. And long enough to remember how to breath.

  3. Bats- remember how every year baby bats would escape from their mother and fly around my house? GAAAAHHHHH!
    Safe travels home, my friend. And then lots and lots of love and hugs and kisses.

  4. I have loved these posts and seeing my beautiful landscape through your eyes.

  5. I am going to pray this keyboard art works.


    If it doesn't, it is supposed to be an owl. xo

  6. The bat says it's time to go. Come home now.

  7. Hope your travels were smooth. Welcome home.

  8. Elizabeth, I've enjoyed your posts from Hedgebrook so much. This is my favorite picture - as soon as I saw it I said wistful, but that's probably just my mood. I love a door picture and hope you don't mind that I pinned it so I could look at it forever. I know your family has missed you, and you them and wish you safe travels back.

    Is it strange that I like bats? I like that they eat mosquitoes and that they come out at dusk and love the little one that roosts all alone under my front eave for years.
    I've seen owls four times in my life, all magical. I hope you get your sighting yet.

  9. Hmmm.... a bat, eh? Such reality banging on your door with the mystical owl looming in the tree tops. Bats are practical, good for the earth, they eat crappy mosquitoes, you know... the daily annoyances. Munch, munch, munch. I didn't read your Hedgebrook blogs after the first couple... I feared the daily battle of good vs evil us seizure moms battle might somehow cross the cosmos and taint your peaceful space. But now I will devour them. Keep the owl in your heart. I'll FedEx you my big girl panties if you need them.

    1. Thanks, Shelly -- and I hope you're doing OK --

  10. Am wondering if the question about the owl is not why you didn’t see one……but instead, why were you looking for one? What is it about an owl that intrigues you? What do you admire about its energy? How would the sight of it make you feel? Your answer to these questions may astound you as they relate to your personal life. An owl often represents seeing in the dark, transition, insight and personal transformation. Since an owl did not appear, then there is still work to be done here. This is a validation for you, not a denial.

    If you combine this with some of the things you did see, I believe you received some relevant and profound messages.

    The snail/conch: symbols of exploring deep within ourselves, exposing what is hidden. Since you had a very strong reaction (it doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative, just that it was strong). Often, it is what we fear greatly that teaches us most. This is all about going deep inside and exposing what we see (even the ugliness). All of us have things about ourselves we do not like and want to change. It takes an insane amount of courage and inner strength to explore them. Snails/conchs are also about rebirth and transformation. There is no such thing as an end since a finish always leads to a new beginning. There is always continuation, usually in a more positive direction.

    The bat. It seems ironic that this encounter happened on your last night, a kind of final message, loud and clear.

    The bat is by far, one of the most powerful messengers, since the sight of them is always startling. Unfortunately most folks react negatively thanks to its connection to the vampire, too bad because its message really is quite profound. The bat foretells of coming change, significant, positive and life altering. Like the owl it speaks of seeing in the dark, to see through illusion and uncover that which is hidden around you. It also asks us to look at the darkest parts of ourselves. It asks us to let go of our ego, to love ourselves and to especially love our enemies….equally, for they are often our best teachers. The bat is another powerful symbol of rebirth and transformation. It acknowledges strong family ties and community. It is devoted entirely to a strong desire and ability for spiritual growth. The bat has an ability to use echo-location to trust in itself, knowing just where he is….in relation to himself and others. The bat represents clairaudience, receiving messages in thought form...look to strengthen this unique ability that you may already possess.
    Some very powerful messages.....xo Thank you for your beautiful posts and photos.

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa. Your thoughts are always profound and resonate so deeply with me.



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